European Congress of Radiology (ECR 2014)
ONIKO company presents protection means against ionizing emission during the X-RAY tests at The European Congress of Radiology (ECR 2014), March 6-10 2014, Vienna, Austria.

Physics Classroom
In section Eduacational meterials for schools / Physics Classroom added sets of models for experiments in various fields of physics.

On-Site Generation (OSG) Technology for Beverage Industry Sanitation

In beverage bottling and canning plants, Clean-in-Place (CIP) is used to clean various product lines such as syrup and water lines for a variety of reasons including flavor carryover prevention and microbial control.

CIP also eliminates organic residues like precipitated proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and other contaminants that harbor bacteria and may lead to microbial induced corrosion (MIC).

Collective protecting from a x-ray photography radiation. New developments of ОNIКО
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Забезпечення якості діагностики в умовах обмеженного фінансування
Що робити, щоб недостатнє державне фінансування на охорону здоров'я населення України не вплинуло на якість діагностичного процесу?...

Krautkramer Ultrasonic Systems - is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of ultrasonic materials testing equipment. Our products are used mainly to test materials such as steel or plastic for cracks and defects, and to measure material thickness either as part of a manufacturing cycle or during the life of a product or component.
GE's Inspection Technologies business brands include Agfa NDT, Everest VIT, Hocking NDT, Krautkramer, Nutronik, phoenix|x-ray, and Seifert.

Bondtracer Ultrasonic Composite Checker Bondtracer Ultrasonic Composite Checker

The Bondtracer allows trained flight line mechanics to confidently trace, map, size and compare the severity of any damage caused by a minor impact to a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) airframe to quickly determine airwortiness at the ramp without sacrificing safety.

DM5E Corrosion Thickness Gauge DM5E Corrosion Thickness Gauge

The DM5E series wall thickness gages enables you to accomplish a large number of demanding tasks, especially with remaining wall thickness measurements on components subjected to corrosion and erosion.
The DM5E Series wall thickess gages are smart, simple-to-use ultrasonic thickness gages that offer big ultrasonic performance in a small lightweight package. Compact size and ergonomic shape provide comfortable one-hand use.

DMS 2 Digital Thickness Gauges DMS 2 Digital Thickness Gauges

Reliable and user-friendly digital thickness gauges.
Thickness measurements with parallel monitoring of echo-sequence, including B-scan (DMS 2, DMS 2TC).
They are exceptionally suitable for relative wall thickness measurements of corroded objects, laminated materials and in high temperature conditions. High resolution bright LCD display. Internal memory for storage of testing results, A-scans and notes.

CL 5 Ultrasonic Presicion Thickness Gauge CL 5 Ultrasonic Presicion Thickness Gauge

The CL5 precision thickness gauge offers a full range of functionality in an easy-to-use, compact and rugged package.
The CL5 is used for precise thickness measurements of metal and plastic components whose complex geometry often makes them difficult to inspect with conventional gauges.

CL 400 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge CL 400 Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gauge

The CL400 locks quickly onto the reading, displaying a rock-solid value that provides an accurate measurement while minimizing test time. Routine tasks, such as selecting a probe type from a list of standard setups, performing calibration, and setting of alarms, are simplified by following the onscreen step-by-step procedures. Custom setups can be stored using a name that can be easily associated with the application. The CL400 displays the thickness value in large, easy-to-read digits.

PocketMIKE Thickness Gage PocketMIKE Thickness Gage

The PocketMIKE’s integrated product design combines the instrument and transducer into a single package, allowing for true single hand operation and providing a very capable, yet simple to use device.
PocketMIKE, having good specifications, is very simple to use.

BoltMIKE Ultrasonic Extensometer for verifying bolt preload BoltMIKE Ultrasonic Extensometer for verifying bolt preload

Ultrasonic extensometer measures strain in critical bolts. Big and bright display, quick calibration and adjustment, automatic compensation of temperature changes guarantees fast repeatable and precise strain measurements in bolts, which may be necessary in many industrial spheres.

SpotChecker Ultrasonic Spot Weld Tester SpotChecker Ultrasonic Spot Weld Tester

Spotchecker is hand-held flaw-detector for testing spotwelds in situ on the production line.
It weighs just 3.2 kg, is battery operated and is sealed to IP65. It features hot swap battery exchange to ensure continuous operation.
Spotchecker does not require intensive training but offers the advantage of an “expert” system for people less qualified in weld inspection.

USM Go Ultrasonic Flaw Detector USM Go Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The USM Go is the lightest and most portable ultrasonic flaw detector available from GE. The USM Go is designed for ease of prolonged operation in the harshest inspection environments in the oil and gas, aerospace, power generation and automotive industries.

Phasor XS Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Phasor XS Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The Phasor XS brings the proven advantage of Phased Array imaging to a new - and accessible - level. This portable and rugged device combines the productivity advantages of Phased Array with a code-compliant conventional ultrasonic flaw detector. The instrument differs by its simplicity of use and practicalness.
The flaw detector weighs less than 4 kilos and has almost the same design as USN 60.
The simplicity in calibration and operation makes Phasor available for operators with 2nd UT level, providing no need for additional training.

USM 35X Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector USM 35X Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

The latest version of the USM 35 portable ultrasonic flaw detector from GE Inspection Technologies, is now totally protected against the ingress of dust and high pressure jets of water to IP 66 and contains new software which allows its operation to Japanese weld inspection standards.

USN 60 Ultrasonic Processor-based Flaw Detector USN 60 Ultrasonic Processor-based Flaw Detector

The USN 60 combines the powerful advantages of digital signal processing with detailed dynamic echo information to bring back the "analog look and performance" that has been missing from the digital instruments.

USLT 2000 PC-based Flaw Detector USLT 2000 PC-based Flaw Detector

Ultrasonic flaw detectors in a compact notebook (industrial or standard)for general application, particularly when superior testing quality or documentation is required.

USD 15 Compact processor-based flaw detectors USD 15 Compact processor-based flaw detectors

Compact processor-based portable and stationary flaw detectors USD 15 with excellent spacifications.
The USD 15 is a single channel systems level ultrasonic instrument available in several configurations to meet specific testing needs.

USIP 40 Ultrasonic multi-channel system flaw detector USIP 40 Ultrasonic multi-channel system flaw detector

The USIP 40 is a precision, multi-channel ultrasonic testing instrument designed to deliver the utmost in inspection confidence. A variety of packaging options allow the USIP 40 to be configured as an ultrasonic box driven by a remote PC, an integrated rack mount instrument, or as a battery powered portable instrument. Combined with optional application-specific imaging and analysis tools, the USIP 40 offers the ultimate solution for all of your inspection needs.

REP - Tube End Tester REP - Tube End Tester

REP is a full-body ultrasonic testing machine with stationary probes for tube ends of seamless and Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) tubes. One independent test station for each tube end for higher throughput.

ROT 65 VIS, ROT 140 VIS, ROT 350 VIS Rotation Tube Testing Machines ROT 65 VIS, ROT 140 VIS, ROT 350 VIS Rotation Tube Testing Machines

ROT is high speed full body tester with rotating probes systems for seamless and Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) tubes. In addition to defect testing, a complete geometry measurement is also possible in one machine in one test run. Different models are available in diameters from 10 to 345 mm (.39 to 13.6 in.)

ROTA Series ROTA Series

The ROTA Series is a probe rotating ultrasonic system also for bar and hot processed pipe inspection from 5 mm up to 450 mm (0.20 to 17.72 in.) in various types (Standard, E=Economy, S=Black material, Z=Central adjustment).
Again, our ROTA S & Z types are configured with a central probe adjustment and motorized bench/ transport mechanism setup, and are notable for high-test speeds and highly repeatable results.

SNUP-LO Tube Longitudinal SAW Tester SNUP-LO Tube Longitudinal SAW Tester

The SNUP-LO is used for weld seam and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) inspection with stationary or moving probes for Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) pipes before and/or after hydrostatic test and/or expansion. Different system configurations are available depending on the specifications and the design of the test area.

SNUP-SP Tube Spiral SAW Tester SNUP-SP Tube Spiral SAW Tester

The SNUP-SP is used for weld seam and Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) inspection with stationary or moving probes for Spiral Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) pipes before and/or after hydrostatic test. Different systems configurations are available depending on the specifications and the design of the test area.

ROWA 90, 120, 160 Tube/Pipe Tester ROWA 90, 120, 160 Tube/Pipe Tester

ROWA 90; ROWA 120; ROWA 160 - Ultrasonic testing machine of bars or tubes.
The use of phased array probes enables a compact test system without rotating parts. The test system is adjusted to different diameters by stored parameter sets, enabling a short changeover time of approximately 5 minutes.

ROWA 40 PAT, 60 PAT Tube/Pipe Tester ROWA 40 PAT, 60 PAT Tube/Pipe Tester

ROWA 40 PAT_ROWA 60 PAT Ultrasonic phased array testing systems with rotary water jacket for tesing of rods.
The latest patented development of Krautkramer - ROWA PAT with rotary water jacket and phased array probes in acoustic system.
Application: detecting of core, surface or subsurface flaws in round rods.
This system can be easily integrated in already existing transporters for testing on manufacturing line.

GRP Ultrasonic Large Tube Testing System GRP Ultrasonic Large Tube Testing System

GRP is a full body ultrasonic tube and pipe tester with stationary probes system or portal solutions with moving probes for seamless and Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) tubes. Models for different test techniques are available in diameters from 20 to 660 mm (.79 to 25.9 in.)

BRM 3 Plate Scanner BRM 3 Plate Scanner

Plate test trolley for the ultrasonic testing of Heavy plates for lamination-like internal flaws.
Mechanized manual inspection, i.e. the operator tests the stationary plate by moving the trolley over the plate surface.

DynaMIC Rebound Hardness Tester DynaMIC Rebound Hardness Tester

Hardness tester, using rebound testing method. Such gauge is especially suitable for measurements on big objects, coarse-grain objects, forgings and castings of all types. Different impact devices are available to ensure an optimum match to material and application. The DynaMIC DL Data Logger model can internally store hardness values along with statistical information.

DynaPocket Pocket-sized Rebound Hardness Tester DynaPocket Pocket-sized Rebound Hardness Tester

The DynaPOCKET is a small, integrated digital hardness tester which operates according to the dynamic rebound method (standardized according to ASTM A956 and DIN 50156). The compact design allows easy on-site hardness testing on solid, non-transportable components and even on positions difficult to access by other hardness testers.
Quick and reproducible measurements can be made independent of impact direction due to a patented signal processing.

MIC 10 Small and Lightweight UCI Hardness Testing MIC 10 Small and Lightweight UCI Hardness Testing

The MIC 10 enables quick and convenient on-site hardness testing according to the UCI method (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance standardized according to ASTM A956 and DIN 50156). The diamond indent in the material’s surface is electronically measured and instantly displayed without using the cumbersome optical evaluation normally associated with conventional hardness testers.

MIC 20 Combined Hardness Tester UCI and Rebound Methods MIC 20 Combined Hardness Tester UCI and Rebound Methods

The MIC 20 is a versatile two-in-one tester combining the UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) and rebound test methods (standardized to ASTM A956, A 1038 and DIN 50156, 50159). The UCI method tests small and complex shaped parts comprised of fine-grained metals, while the rebound method is preferred for larger, coarse-grained forgings and castings

TIV Portable Optical Hardness Tester TIV Portable Optical Hardness Tester

The TIV (Through Indenter Viewing) method is based on hardness testing according to Vickers; makes it possible to “see through” the Vickers diamond by means of special optics. The hardness is measured under load; as soon as the test load is reached, the image of the indentation is transferred and evaluated directly, automatically, and quickly.

Rightrax M2 Sensor Low Temperature Rightrax M2 Sensor Low Temperature

The RIGHTRAX M2 conists of 14-element Copolymer flexible film with ultrasonic sensors. The sensor, including the electronics module, is capable of continuous operation at temperatures more than 120°C. Access to each element within the film is realized by means of the small control module that is part of the sensor.
RIGHTRAX M2 is sealed and connected by means of single high temperature coaxial cable and IP 68 sealed connector.

Rightrax DL2 System Rightrax DL2 System

In data logger mode the DL2 instrument is simply connected to a Rightrax M2 sensor, a multielement, flexible, self-adhesive film with ultrasonic sensors that is permanently bonded to the structure or pipe which wall thickness is to be measured. After the M2 sensors are fitted there is no need to remove lagging, erect scaffolding and excavate pipelines or shut down plant during subsequent inspections. The DL 2 simply interrogates the sensor when required and records the thickness measurement results. Remaining wall thickness is calculated by means of automated signal processing of the A-scan.

Flaw detector probes Flaw detector probes

GE S&IT offers a wide range of ultrasonic transducers and accessories for all industry segments and all applications. Contact, angle beam, immersion transducers for flaw detectors produced by GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies are manufactured and tested in accordance with both North American and European standards. A custom-designed transducers for any flaw detector can be manufactured on demand.

Thickness probes Thickness probes

GE Inspection Technologies offers a complete line of Krautkramer single element contact and delay style transducers that are compatible with ultrasonic precision thickness gauges (CL 5 and CL 400).
A wide variety of transducers is available, satisfying virtually any inspection requirement on metals and nonmetals with relatively smooth, parallel surfaces.
Depending on the material conditions and the instrument / transducer combination, measurements are possible from 0.005 to 15.00 inches, (.13 to 381 mm) with resolution down to 0.0001 inches.

Phased array probes Phased array probes

A phased array probe can be compared to a large single element transducer whose active area has been subdivided into small segments or elements. When connected to a phased array instrument, the angle and focus of the sound beam can be changed on each pulse repetition.
Both the phased array instrument and probes can be customized to application specific needs, regardless of the tested material or asset. GE will develop a tailored phased array solution with precise specifications. Users have the ability to both steer and focus the sound beam through a range of angles and focal depths, resulting in vast improvements in productivity and reliability for inspections.

Special probes Special probes

New materials, manufacturing processes and joining technologies require ultrasonic special probes. GE Inspection Technologies offers numerous ultrasonic probes for the testings of laserwelds, spotwelds, rails, axles, tubes, gas bottles, billets and others using immersion, water jet, dry or standard coupling methods.

UltraDOC UltraDOC

UltraDOC 4.x is an easy-to-use Windows™-based ultrasonic flaw detection analysis software designed to simplify the transfer, storage and printing of the USN 60 and USN 58R ultrasonic flaw detectors' data and reports. Reports can be easily generated to Microsoft Word, Excel, or in HTML format.

UltraLOG UltraLOG

UltraLOG 2.2.0 is special spot weld testing application software designed for use with the USLT 2000 Ultrasonic flaw detection system for the evaluation and storage of inspection results from ultrasonically tested spot welds (i.e. in the automotive industry). In addition to this, results can be documented from a destructive / nondestructive inspection. Due to the modular design of the inspection software, it can accommodate various other inspection methods.

UDB Manager UDB Manager

The Database Manager option for UltraLOG 2.2.0 coordinates the creation of multi-level, extensive inspection plans (i.e. car type, module, part) and their distribution to one or more inspection locations. This option also enables complete multi-position systems (stationary or mobile) to be set up in a network.


UltraWORKS is an ultrasonic development system enabling easy programming of individual applications for the Ultrasonic Notebook USLT 2000 using WINDOWS. Knowledge of programming is a precondition. OLE control modules (OCX) are used for bi-directional data exchange with the corresponding ultrasonic plug-in card in the USLT 2000. All adjustment parameters, A-scans, measurement data for the ultrasonic gates or status information for the ultrasonic unit can be individually or completely accessed.


UltraMATE® simplifies the transfer, storage, analysis, and documentation of thickness data. The Easy-to-use tool has direct DMS2 and CL 400 Communications, "Auto-connects" and displays and prints color Readings Reports.


UltraPIPE® enables the inspection management department to obtain the maximum productivity of inspection personnel and assets. UltraPIPE gives the users the insight to focus resources on the equipment having the hightest inspection needs.

UltraCAR UltraCAR

UltraCAR links the results of the various test stations to the central database system. Consequently, this program collects and evaluates all test results occurring over a certain period (i.e. shift / day / week / year) or for the corresponding test object (i.e. test point, part, body).
The filtered data can be presented graphically as a diagram or table in addition to the normal filter functions (period and test object). Diagrams and tables can either be printed as a report or further processed in the corresponding standard format as a file.

USM 32X Series Compact Ultrasonic Flaw Detector USM 32X Series Compact Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

USM 32X B and USM 32X L: small box, big performance. Well balanced between ergonomics and functionality: easy solutions for your daily applications.

USM 36 Ultrasound Portable Flaw Detectors USM 36 Ultrasound Portable Flaw Detectors

The Krautkramer USM 36 is the latest development in GE’s USM range of flaw detectors. It combines the 21st century operating platform with the reliable and robust hardware of GE’s well-established Krautkramer portable flaw detection instruments. It incorporates a range of innovative features to ensure that this new instrument is adopted as the everyday workhorse of flaw detectors by NDT inspectors globally.

USM Vision System USM Vision System

A Total Weld Inspection Solution to Increase Productivity in New Process Pipework Fabrication. The USM Vision has been developed to meet a market need to transition from radiographic inspection to ultrasonic inspection in the fabrication of new process pipework for the process, water, power generation and oil & gas sectors.

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