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  • SE SUITE Software of management medical imaging data
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SE SUITE Software of management medical imaging data

SE SUITE  is s complete and self-contained software solution that enables the manipulation, management and centralization of medical imaging data. One that allows you to choose Softcopy- or Hardcopy- based working; that facilitates workflow and your first step on the path from analog to digital imaging.
A solution whose modular design is tailored to the needs of environments such as imaging centers, veterinary, orthopaedic and chiropractic practices. And is backed by the expertise and experience you find in all of Agfa products.

- Enables initial transition form analog to digital imaging
- Supports single and multi-user environments
- Feature-rich performance
- Tailored to individual practice needs
- Easy to use
- Easy installation, low maintenance
- Provides seamless integration

This is the SE suite; a portfolio of data management software, created specifically to address the needs of smaller imaging operations.



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