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  • Films ONIKO FF-1. Green-sensitive photofluography film.

Films ONIKO FF-1. Green-sensitive photofluography film.

Only the best for chest screening

ONIKO FF-1 films are perfectly suited for the cine recording of the output phosphor of chest screening devices.

ONIKO FF-1 film is available at the company OHIKO from materials provided by AGFA.

The high sensitivity of the ONIKO FF-1 films allows you to use a low radiation dose while reducing the risk of movement blur. Moreover, the optimal contrast and latitude of ONIKO FF-1 film guarantees excellent rendering of the finest details.

Different fluographic cameras can be used

The orthochromatic emulsion of ONIKO FF-1 films are designed in such a way that you do not have to worry what kind of fluographic camera you are using. Cameras with a green fluorescent screen or cameras with a blue fluorescent screen, it makes no difference.

Automatic RP processing

ONIKO FF-1 films are designed for RP processing. You can process the film in most RP cycle medical X-ray film processors.

When processing roll-film, you will require a piece of sheet film as a leader.

Darkroom illumination

For optimal results, we recommend to only use a red safelight designed for green-sensitive medical X-ray films.

Storing unexposed film

We recommend to store your film in a dry and cool place, preferably at a temperature between 18 and 23 °C and with a relative humidity of less than 60 %. We strongly advise against storing unexposed film in the proximity of X-ray equipment or chemicals.

Available sizes

ONIKO FF-1 films are available in many different roll-film sizes, to allow you to choose the best size for your exposure equipment.
A 10 x 10 cm (3.9 x 3.9 in) sheet film is also available.


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