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New products ONIKO

New products ONIKO<br>

Hangers for PPE

Hangers for PPE ONIKO are intended for the storage of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Hangers can be used in stationary x-ray rooms of medical and preventive treatment facilities and private clinics, as well as in operating rooms of interventional radiology with a large range of protective equipment.

Hangers are made in 2 versions: mobile and stationary with fastening on the wall.


Rack for pictures with cassette holder

The rack for images with the cassette holder ONIKO, is designed to accommodate an X-ray image receiver (X-ray cassette of various formats and digital receivers).

The rack can be used in set with mobile and portable X-ray machines in resuscitation and other departments of medical and preventive treatment facilities. It can also be used in stationary x-ray rooms at medical health care facilities in the absence of a regular rack of X-ray imaging devices.

The rack allows you to perform studies in the vertical position of the patient using modern equipment for x-ray studies.