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  • Ultra Nursing Wound Simulation Kit

Ultra Nursing Wound Simulation Kit

Wound simulation supports sensory perception in a nursing scenario and assists in confirming physical
signs, realism, and critical thinking.
Simulated conditions and injuries test the natural feelings and reactions that would occur in actual patient
situations. Instructor-created simulation scenarios assist students with making assessments, prioritizing
patients, and determining correct treatments. Simulation allows students to make critical mistakes without
endangering a live patient, provides them with realistic patient interaction, and enables them to gain
experience and gain confidence before entering real-life clinical situations.
Using very quick, basic simulations and simple makeup, the simulated 3-D lifelike wounds can be cleaned,
sutured, bandaged, etc.
Apply to a real persons or patient simulators limbs, chest, head, or any other part of the body.
Add other elements including sweat, blood, pus, mucous, or any other recipes needed to represent life
Includes simulated wounds, makeup, and makeup accessories all packaged in a hard carry case.


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