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  • Tactical panel organizer for a car seat (green pixel)

Tactical panel organizer for a car seat (green pixel)

Article: Bag-031                                                                                                                                  Price: 2 820 UAH

This panel-organizer is attached to the front seat of the car behind it and is designed to conveniently store and transport your MOLLE pouches. The panel-organizer is attached to the back of the car seat using straps with lobster clasps of “fastex closure” type. The length of the belt can be adjusted for a car seat of any size, and the fastex closure allows you to quickly remove the panel-organizer with all the contents and transfer them, for example, to another car. The panel-organizer has two large pockets on the textile fastener (hook-and-loop fastener) for storing documents and three large pockets of open type in the lower part of the panel. Fixation of the pouches on the panel is conducted with the help of MOLLE-attachment, which is sewn on the entire surface. In addition, the panel is equipped with a belt for attaching weapons. This panel-organizer is made of durable, wear-resistant tissue Oxford 1000d, which has water-repellent coating.


  • Material: Tissue Oxford 1000d with water-repellent treatment;
  • Type of fastener: Fastex closure, Hook-and-loop fastener;
  • Type of attachment: MOLLE;
  • Size: 44×57 cm (W×H);
  • Weight: 455 g;
  • Camouflage pattern: Green pixel;

Optionally, you can order equipment in one of the offered camouflage pattern options:

Multicam Classic

Multicam Classic

Pixel green 

Pixel green 


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