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  • Rack for pictures with cassette holder ONIKO
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Rack for pictures with cassette holder ONIKO

The rack for images with the cassette holder ONIKO, is designed to accommodate an X-ray image receiver (X-ray cassette of various formats and digital receivers).

The rack can be used in set with mobile and portable X-ray machines in resuscitation and other departments of medical and preventive treatment facilities. It can also be used in stationary x-ray rooms at medical health care facilities in the absence of a regular rack of X-ray imaging devices.

The rack allows you to perform studies in the vertical position of the patient using modern equipment for x-ray studies.

Rack consists of: a tripod with a base and channels moved on the couplings between which an image receiver is installed. Couplings of the lower channel at the required height are fixed with clamps.

Tripods are made in 2 versions: with the base on the legs and on the wheels with stoppers for fixing them; detachable chin screen used in studies of the lungs and internal organs. The screen is installed on the upper channel catches.

Basic parameters and dimensions

  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH): Rack assembly - 470 х 400 х 1915 mm
  • Mass of the device not more: 12 kg


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