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  • Shield plates kit No.2 (4 pcs) ONIKO - model ON-RP115

Shield plates kit No.2 (4 pcs) ONIKO - model ON-RP115

Shield plates kit No. 2 serves to form a patient’s radiation field.

The kit includes 4 plates.

The kit is placed on a patient and it limits the region of interest, which ensures not only the patient’s protection against unused radiation, but also an improved quality of X-ray images achieved through the reduced amount of scattered radiation.

The fixation of plates with one another is done with the help of textile fasteners, “hook and loop fasteners”.

The plates can also be used to limit the radiation beam when shooting an object in various projections on a single film. At the same time, the X-ray cassette with the film is covered with appropriate number of plates placed one upon another, depending on tension on the tube.

ARTICLE-NO.Product specificationsLead equivalent Pb, (mm)
Length L(mm)Width W(mm)


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