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  • R.E.A. 90 Electrostatic Spray

R.E.A. 90 Electrostatic Spray

The REA 90 is the most advanced Electrostatic Spray Gun in the industry. The system features a patented cascade module located in the spray gun itself for excellent reliability even with water based penetrant. Input voltage of 120 or 220V AC (50 or 60 Hertz) to the control unit is converted to a 10 volt AC signal at high frequency.

Light, flexible low voltage cable carries voltage to the cascade circuit in the gun. The cascade acting as a multiplier, produces maximum voltage at the tip – essential for maximum transfer efficiency.


Controlled Output Voltage : Cascade technology delivers select controlled voltage to the tip to maintain maximum transfer efficiency;
Reduced Voltage Drop : Under normal operating conditions;
Variable Voltage Adjustment : A voltage adjustment knob on the control unit allows voltage to be varied for improved performance;
On/Off Switch : The On/Off switch allows the operator to quickly switch to nonelectrostatic operation. This feature may be desired for coating parts with deeply recessed areas;
Visible Voltage Light : Positioned at the back of the gun, where it is easily visible and protected from coating materials. The intensity of the light varies with the level of voltage, so the operator can easily monitor gun performance.

Specification and Operating Data
Atomisation “TRANSFORMABLE” – Air Spray
Coating Material Water Washable or Post Removable Penetrant
Length 28 cm
Gun Weight 851 g
Cable Length 36’ Standard
Operating Pressure Air / Fluid 0-100 psi / 0-100 psi
Delivery 1,000 cc / min. max
Voltage Input 115 / 220V AC
Tip Voltage 0-85 KV max.
Maximum Current 90 μA max.
140 μA max / Water Based Penetrant
Options Control Unit Wall Mount Bracket
50’, 75’ and 100’ Hose/Cable Assemblies

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