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ZYGLO ZL5, ZL7 Fluorescent Additive

Fluorescent Water Additive for Leak Detection.

ZL-5 is a dry powder fluorescent organic material used as an additive for the detection of leaks in pressure vessels, storage tanks, radiators and other liquid system containers. ZL-5 is water-soluble and produces fluorescence when using a black light, (such as the MAGNAFLUX ZB-100F fan cooled black light) at 365 nanometers.
For water based systems (such as a large tank or pipe system containing water), ZL- 5 Water Soluble Fluorescent additive powder may be added. ZL-5 should be dissolved in water in a separate container as a concentrate and then added to the water in the tank or pipe system that is to be tested. The exterior is checked with a black light.

For oil based applications (such as certain engines containing oil or containers that hold oil), ZL- 7 Oil Soluble fluorescent liquid additive is added to the system, the system is circulated, and the exterior is checked with a black light.

The amount of ZL-5 or ZL-7 added to the test system is dependent on the volume of water or oil in the test system. The following are the concentrations for each product:


High Brightness Concentration: 1 lb. per 25 gallons  (0.45 kg per 95 litr)
Moderate Brightness Concentration: 1 lb. per 100 gallons (0.45 kg per 378.5 litr)
Detectable Concentration: 1 lb. per 4000 gallons (0.45 kg per 15140 litr)


Maximum Brightness Concentration: 1 oz. per 5 gallons (28 g per 18.925 litr )
Recommended Concentration: 1 oz. per 10 gallons (28 g per 37.85 litr)

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