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  • ISOVOLT Lynx stationary X-ray machine
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ISOVOLT Lynx stationary X-ray machine

The ISOVOLT Lynx is the first in a new generation of stationary X-ray machines from Inspection Technologies.

It represents a major advance in X-ray generator technology, incorporating the latest electronics and digital concepts to allow greater performance and reliability.

It has been designed to align with the optimized performance of other components in the X-ray inspection imaging chain for a wide range of applications including the automotive, aerospace and metals manufacturing sectors, for tasks such as the inspection of welds, composites and castings, as well as in 3D computed tomography and metrology.

It will be of particular interest to system integrators working in both the industrial and scienti?c sectors.

ISOVOLT Lynx Generator

GE introduces the next generation of stationary X-ray machines with the new ISOVOLT Lynx, which is one of the most signi?cant innovations in X-ray generation for the past 10 years.



There have been enormous strides in imaging and tube technology over the past decade but the generator technology has been pretty static. By leveraging many of the concepts employed in the GE healthcare business, using their latest state-of-the-art technology, we have been able to develop this new industrialized version for industrial customers.

This development has required us to create an application map for each potential generator application and then de?ne the generator specifications needed to meet and optimize the tube, imaging and inspection standard requirements for that application.

The result is a flexible and versatile generator platform which offers high reliability and performance across a very broad application spectrum. It is also a very scalable platform, which will allow us to meet future integration and monitoring requirements and the needs for higher energies, even up to 600 kV. In a first stage the ISOVOLT Lynx will be available as 160 kV and 320 kV version.

Both generators offer enhanced maintenance free options: maintenance free high voltage plugs on the generator side and new maintenance free bipolar tube housing for the 320 kV version. The integration into fully automated systems for in-line operation has also been optimized. The optional ISOVOLT Lynx Remote Control or the ISOVOLT Lynx Control ensure a simple configuration, control and operation.


Feature Benefits
State-of-the art scalable, high-frequency MOS-FET driven, power electronics designed & dimensioned for industrial operations

Multi-stage, multi-core high voltage elements
High duty cycle and intermittent operations, fast reaction, recognizes tube performance hick-ups and protects electronics

Scalable high voltage design with space optimized high voltage elements
Modular design Reduced interaction between power electronics / high voltage elements; lower risk of shut-downs
Tube response monitoring Monitors and records all high voltage events (arcs, flash-over)
Fast digital controller Supports fast detection of abnormal events and instantly cuts off to protect tube and generators
Feature Benefits
Nominal power 45 mA*, 4500 W* Drives all known “sealed” industrial X-ray macro-focus and mini-focus tubes, including high power tubes
Nominal energy 160 kV / 320 kV Extends the range to high energy applications for penetration of thick-walled materials
Fast ramp up time

Fast switching time
Power electronics is capable to change settings in milli-seconds, which allows fast inspection cycles in inline production environment

Supports modes for dual energy operation
Fast digital controller Keeps key X-ray parameters stable: reproducibility, accuracy and dose stability, fast reaction on system entries and system abnormalities
High performance air cooling of power electronics No need to have water cooled generator option, simplifies installation
Supports 24/7 operation at controlled conditions
Safety & ComplianceEase of Integration
Feature Benefits
Integrates all safety relevant mechanisms Inherent primary safety features, fail-safe design of primary safety circuit, secondary safety features configurable for region specific standards
Clear visualization and unmistakable control & guidance for user controlled operation Large wide color screen, touch-resistive display, immediate display and easy interpretation of critical messages

Operation with gloves possible
Feature Benefits
Low weight / small footprint Support integration in inline or offline production machines
Classic mode Backwards compatibility of interfaces and electrical connections; reuse of existing accessories
Power factor correction Simplified installation conditions.

Less power consumption, high efficiency of power usage, single phase mains input, wide range of supply voltage acceptable
Tube database All known standard tubes, with individual characteristics and operating instructions are stored and selectable via menu / via interface
Feature Benefits
Field Replaceable Units (FRU) Concept Quick replacement of main modules, short downtimes (for simplified spare parts management, fast turnaround-time)
Simplified trouble-shooting Quick determination of system status and immediate recovery activities
Feature Benefits
Improved CPU platform, Online monitoring and data recording of relevant system parameter Better fault interpretation
Data collection
Outlook for future: statistical data analysis and predictive monitoring
Cost of OwnershipFlexibility
Feature Benefits
Less or zero maintenance for X-ray tube / cable setup with maintenance free designs generator, cable and X-ray tubes To minimize preventive maintenance efforts, reduce downtimes to minimum
Assisted X-ray tube characteristics recognition and digital parameter adjustments Quick installation procedure
Feature Benefits
Maintenance free option No need for periodic high voltage plug maintenance
Sealed high voltage tank No spillage, transport and operation independent from orientation
Weight reduction (50% of comparable X-ray generators) Simplified handling


ISOVOLT Lynx Control

A user-friendly, multi-language control features a clear full-colour graphical display with touch screen, that allows simultaneous readings of set and actual operating parameters. Embedded in an ergonomic and rugged desktop or optional 19” rack mounting housing, full control of X-ray operation features, service and system configuration features, online monitoring of relevant system parameters is established. Intuitive guidance through diverse menus as well as unmistakable messages for clear interventions are provided with this module.

Features such as free configurable exposure programs, or special programs for constant power, constant current and manual operation cater for individual demands for radiographic or radioscopic inspections. The multi-lingual user display with 16 different languages and extended character sets for Japanese, Cyrillic and Chinese enables comprehensible and simple interaction.

ISOVOLT Lynx provides automatic and manual warm-up modes for optimized tube conditioning. A special extended warm-up mode safeguards tube performance under severe conditions and setups.

ISOVOLT Lynx Remote Control

Designed for the needs of system integrators this PC based tool provides full control over all ISOVOLT Lynx operation, service and diagnostics features.

It can be installed on every WIN 7 or WIN XP PC and can be connected via a USB/RS-232 cable with the ISOVOLT Lynx generator.

Alongside with the optional fail-safe E-Stop Control Box, ISOVOLT Lynx Remote Control establishes a full PC based generator control and management platform.

X-ray Tubes

ISOVOLT Lynx supports a comprehensive portfolio of monopolar and bipolar X-ray tubes from different suppliers.

Please contact your sales representative for consultation on X-ray tube selection.


Technical Specifications


ISOVOLT Lynx 160

ISOVOLT Lynx 320

High Voltage Generator

Max. Output Voltage 160 kV 320 kV
Tube Voltage from 25 kV to 160 kV from 50 kV to 320 kV
Max. Output Current 45 mA 45 mA*
Tube Current 1 mA - 45 mA* 1 mA - 45 mA*
Max. Output Power 4 kW** 4.5 kW**
Resolution (Voltage / Current) 0.1 kV / 0.01 mA 0.1 kV / 0.01 mA
Absolute Accuracy (Voltage / Current) ±1,5% / < 1% ±1,5 % / < 1%
Stability (Voltage / Current) < 0,01% / < 0,01% *** < 0,01% / < 0,01% ***
Insulation Oil (sealed high voltage tank) Oil (sealed high voltage tank)
High Voltage Connections R24 Quick Release
Flat Socket maintenance free (optional)
R24 Quick Release
Flat Socket maintenance free (optional)
Signal Door contacts, interlock,external E-stop, additional potential-free contacts, standard connections for warning lamp, warning light and cooler/chiller Door contacts, interlock,external E-stop, additional potential-free contacts, standard connections for warning lamp, warning light and cooler/chiller
Data RS-232
Dimensions (W x D x H 1080 x 425 x 605 mm (42,52” x 17,7” x 23,82”) 1080 x 425 x 870 mm (42,52” x 17,7” x 34,25”)
Âåñ 120 kg (265 lb) 200 kg (441 lb)
Electrical Connection
Mains 1N PE 230V ±10%, 50/60 Hz 1N PE 230 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Installation Conditions TN-S or TN-C according EN 32 / UL 35, power requirement 6,7 kVA, cos Phi = 0.9-1.0 TN-S or TN-C according EN 32 / UL 35, power requirement 6,7 kVA, cos Phi = 0.9-1.0
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +40°C 0°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature Range -30°C to +70°C -30°C to +70°C
Certification CE, UL, NFC 74 100 CE, UL, NFC 74 100

Control Module

Features Touch-resistive, color display
Desk-top housing
X-ray on/off, E-Stop, 3-position key switch
Dimensions 390 x 240 x 120 mm (15,35” x 9,45” x 4,72”)
Weight 1.2 kg (2.64 lb)

Remote Control

Features PC application X-ray control and service (Win 7, Win XP)
USB to RS232 converter
Fail-Safe E-Stop Box (optional)
* 40 mA permanent operation, limited to peak operation
** Limited to tube specification, temperature and operating mode
*** At constant temperature level


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