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  • Phased array probes

Phased array probes

A phased array probe can be compared to a large single element transducer whose active area has been subdivided into small segments or elements. When connected to a phased array instrument, the angle and focus of the sound beam can be changed on each pulse repetition.

Both the phased array instrument and probes can be customized to application specific needs, regardless of the tested material or asset. GE will develop a tailored phased array solution with precise specifications. Users have the ability to both steer and focus the sound beam through a range of angles and focal depths, resulting in vast improvements in productivity and reliability for inspections.

Types of Phased Array Transducers

Single row of elements, usually created by dicing a larger rectangular piezoceramic. Beam steering in a single plane.

Linear Curved
Single row of elements that have been curved to produce a desired beam shape or conform to the geometry of the part under test. Beam steering in a single plane.

2D Matrix
Elements arranged in a grid pattern. Can also be curved. Beam steering in three dimensions.

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