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  • Grenade pouch ONIKO with velcro pocket flap (Multicam Arid)

Grenade pouch ONIKO with velcro pocket flap (Multicam Arid)

Article: Bag-011                                                                                                                                   Price: 480 UAH

ONIKO pouch for a grenade is a standard tactical pouch for safe placement and convenient transportation of F1, RGD-5 and M-67 hand grenades. The pouch is made of strong, wear-resistant tissue Cordura 500d and is equipped with a top valve that protects the grenade from above. The valve is fixed with a button fastener, and for speed and convenience of its opening, the valve is equipped with a special “tongue”. It is equipped with the MOLLE attachment system to fix the pouch on tactical equipment. There is a drainage hole in the lower part of the pouch.


  • Tissue Cordura 500d;
  • Tissue coating: Two-layer polyurethane and water-repellent coating;
  • Type of construction: Completely closed with a valve;
  • Type of fastener: Textile fastener;
  • Type of attachment: MOLLE;
  • Size: 8×7×6 cm (H×W×D);
  • Weight: 35 g;
  • Camouflage pattern: Multicam;

Optionally, you can order equipment in one of the offered camouflage pattern options:

Multicam Classic

Multicam Classic

Pixel green 

Pixel green 


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