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Taste & Odor

Taste & Odor<br>

Mixed-oxidant Taste & Odor control in water Drinking water is often fouled by naturally occurring substances or by the chemicals added to treat the water.

MIOX mixed oxidant solution tends to neutralize odor-causing compounds without adding a chemical taste, as evidenced by the many installations that report significant reductions in taste and odor complaints. This is in contrast to conventional chlorination, whether gas or sodium hypochlorite:

  • Mixed oxidant solution breaks down odor causing compounds, such as phenols or organochloramines.
  • Mixed oxidant solution appears to remove the musty odors of geosmin and methyl isoborneol (MIB) caused when the raw water source suffers algae blooms.
  • Mixed oxidant solution oxidizes ammonia nitrogen at substantially lower chlorine-to-nitrogen ratios.
  • Mixed oxidant solution does not readily form di- and tri-chloramines or cyanogen chloride, both noted causes of taste and odor problems.
  • Mixed oxidant solution oxidizes hydrogen sulfides more rapidly than chlorine and without pH adjustment.
  • Lower doses of mixed oxidant solution achieves microbial inactivation, thus reducing the addition of chemicals to the water supply.