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  • MAMORAY Cassette. The mammography cassettes
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MAMORAY Cassette. The mammography cassettes

MAMORAY Cassettes: Lightweight durability

MAMORAY cassettes are made of Novodur, an extremely tough and light plastic. The cassettes are easy to handle, are long lasting and shockproof.

The design of the MAMORAY cassette ensures that the edge of screen and film are in close contact with the thoracic edge of the cassette. This way, the film draws closer to the thorax on closing the cassette and the distance between the edges of the film and the thorax side of the cassette can be limited to less than 2 mm.

MAMORAY cassettes are equipped with a pneumatic foam, which makes the extraction of air so fast that you can use the cassette almost immediately after closing it.

Available MAMORAY Cassette sizes: 18 x 24 cm; 24 x 30 cm.

Safety compliance: DIN 6832 part 2 and 3, ANSI PH 1.49, IEC 406


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