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  • MAMORAY HD,HD-S. The intensifying screens for mammography
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MAMORAY HD,HD-S. The intensifying screens for mammography

MAMORAY Screens: Images with outstanding sharpness at low dose

MAMORAY HD, HD-S and Detail R intensifying screens - which all contain green-emitting rare earth phosphors (Gd2O2S:Tb) - are an integral part of the Agfa film/screen system for mammography.

Combine MAMORAY HD and HD-S screens with MAMORAY HDR-C film. This will result in a superb image quality and in a reduction of the dose by up to 40% in comparison to the HD-screen. Even at low doses, outstanding diagnostic information is provided.

The MAMORAY Detail R intensifying screens are designed for further exposure and noise reduction.

MAMORAY ScreensMAMORAY intensifying screen combinations
MAMORAY HD - Rel. speed 100
MAMORAY HD-S - Rel. speed 140
MAMORAY Detail R - Rel. speed 170

- Protect MAMORAY screens from humidity
- Do not expose to sunlight or ultraviolet rays, that may result in discoloration or warping.
- Immediately remove dust and stains from the screens

- Only use Agfa screen cleaner to clean the MAMORAY screens
- Moisten a piece of gauze with the cleaner
- Gently wipe the screen surface
- After cleaning, dry the screen using a clean piece of gauze
- Leave the cassette open for drying before reloading it with film


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