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  • CP-G. The intensifying green sensitive screens
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CP-G. The intensifying green sensitive screens

CP Cassettes

Thanks to the hard plastic material Novodur, CP cassettes combine the features of reliability, durability, comfort and minimum weight. The cassettes are long-lasting and shockproof. Added to this they also provide excellent diagnostic results.

Lightweight plastic material
The hard plastic material Novodur makes the CP cassettes 25% lighter than metal cassettes.

Patient comfort
The Novodur plastic feels warm and soft when touched by the patient. The corners are rounded off not to injure the patient.

The cassettes can be opened 180°, which facilitates loading and unloading. The countersunk relief dot on the cassette clearly indicates whether the cassette is loaded with film or not. A filled dot indicates that the cassette is loaded.

Shockproof design
The CP cassettes are constructed to have a long life-length, a careful design and rubber corners to absorb shocks.

Daylight identification
The ID window enables you to label the film in the cassette with patient data. Using dedicated patient identification equipment, such as CP ID, you can do this in broad daylight. The cassettes can be equipped with either a European standard ID window or an American standard ID window. CP cassettes without a window are also available for use with darkroom printers.

Optimal film/screen contact
The magnetic sandwich (steel foil on the tube side and magnetic sheet on the rear) extracts entrapped air when you close the cassette. This feature ensures optimal contact between the screens and the film.

The CP cassettes comply with the following international standards: DIN 6832, ANSI PH 1.49, IEC 406. Thanks to the use of a synthetic tube side plate, the total radiation absorption value is only 1,4 mm aluminium equivalent. This ensures that the cassette functions well within the boundaries set by the IEC 60406 standard.

СP G green emitting intensifying screens

The high efficiency of the rare-earth phosphor gadolinium oxysulphide is used in CP G intensifying screens. It offers an increased sharpness of the images at a lower dose. A range from high-detail Fine to high-speed Regular screens is available.

СP G 100
The screen which enhances detail perceptibility for applications such as examinations of extremities, joints and chest.
СP G 200
The screen for general applications which gives optimal results when sharp definition and dose reduction are required.
СP G 400
When dose reduction is an important feature this screen is recommended. The noise level is on a low level due to the high absorption efficiency of the phosphor. Recommended applications are such as abdomenal and angiographic examinations.


CP screens are available in various types:
- Screens mounted in CP plastic cassettes
- Replacement screens for mounting in CP cassettes
- Replacement screens for various types of cassettes
- Screens for various types of film exchangers

CP screen sizes: 13x18 cm; 24x30 cm; 18x24 cm; 30x35 cm; 18x43 cm; 30x40 cm; 20x40 cm.

Cleaning of screens
It is of utmost importance for the image quality that the screens are kept clean. CP strongly advices to use special screen cleaner, which ensures a safe and thorough cleaning action, combined with electrostatic protection.


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