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  • Hip plate for children ON-RР 108
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Hip plate for children ON-RР 108


The hip plate is designed to protect the gonads in the diagnosis of dysplasia, radiography of the hip joints of infants, from 3 to 10 months.

The hip plate is placed on the lower abdomen so that the oval windows of the plate are above the child’s hip joints.

At the same time, the upper part of the plate overlaps a direct x-ray beam to protect the ovaries of girls, the lower part of the plate is the area of ​​the penis and testicles of boys.

Hip plate is available in 2 versions.

There are arrows on the product axis for proper positioning of the plate.

Research is carried out using a tunnel that provides comprehensive protection against ionizing radiation, not restricting the breathing and movement of the baby.

Age of childLength (cm)Width (cm)Lead equivalent Pb, (mm)Weight (kg)
3-10 months20200,50,25

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