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  • Closed protective glove

Closed protective glove

 Closed protective glove is designed to protect personnel from the effects of ionizing radiation when working with low-energy radioactive substances.

It can be used by personnel or accompanying persons as an auxiliary means of protection when fixing seriously ill patients during X-ray examinations and placing their hands in the vicinity of the core.

Possible use in veterinary medicine for keeping animals during X-ray examinations.

The strap on the glove ensures its secure hold and optimal fit.

The mitten is put on the hand and is fixed at the wrist with a strap with a textile fastener (Velcro).

The closed protective glove has a universal size. They are realized in pairs, as well as separately - left or right.

The design of the mittens is shown in the photographs. 

Lead equivalent: Pb = 0.25; 0.35; 0.50 mm.

Dimensions: length - 36 cm; width - 18 cm.


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