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  • MAG 50/3HM & MAG 50/5HM Mobile Testing Units

MAG 50/3HM & MAG 50/5HM Mobile Testing Units

MAG 50/3HM & MAG 50/5HM Designed for the inspection of components where it is more convenient to take the inspection process to the component rather than move the component to a specific inspection area.

The MAG50/3HM and MAG50/5HM mobile units are designed to deliver 3000 and 5000 amperes respectively of alternating or half wave DC current to cope with a wide range of magnetic particle inspection applications.

These mobile power packs have a constant current system that eliminates the guesswork of controlling current by means of conventional tap switches or variable transformers, which only adjust the output voltage. The precise amount of current desired will be delivered to the output circuit when the magnetising shot is initiated. The self-regulating current circuitry and solid state controls automatically compensate for variation in load impedance such as heating or varying cable lengths. As a result every current control setting delivers the exact amount of current indicated up to the maximum output of the unit for a particular load.

The output current waveform is selected by a door-mounted switch and the actual output is enabled by a remote push button switch.

The MAG50/3HM and MAG50/5HM have switch selectable fast AC demagnetisation achieved through an electronically controlled current decay system. Demagnetisation can also be accomplished by passing a part through a coil carrying AC current.

Specification and Operating Data

ModelMAG 50/3HMMAG 50/5HM
Maximum Output Current 3000AC or HWDC 5000AC or HWDC
Line current for duration of maximum current shot 190A approx. 300A approx.
Mains input cable size (30 metre length or less) 35 mm2 50 mm2
Recommended Fuse Size 80 amp 125 amp
Main Electrical Supply Requirements 380 or 415 volts, 50Hz, 1ph
Open Circuit Output 10 volts
Unit Size 900mm wide x 680mm deep x 1350mm high
Unit Weight 335Kg 345Kg

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