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  • M-Series (2000) Mobile Power Pack

M-Series (2000) Mobile Power Pack

Magnaflux understands some parts can not be moved so the magnetizing station needs to be brought to the part. The M Series offers a solution by providing an adaptable mobile unit. These units feature AC or Half Wave DC output.


- Two heavy-duty fixed casters and two swivel casters with locks for easy, safe movement
- AC/HWDC current selector eliminates the need to switch between bulky cables on the output terminal
- Set current with power pack dial or standard remote control pendant (can be moved up to 15' from power pack)
- Digital amperage meter display (meter now holds the value of the last current shot)
- Pulse function
- Locate defects in any direction using prods, central conductor, or coil (wrap part with 3-5 turns of cable)
- Dimensions: 44" L x 22" W x 39" H
- Many voltages available, single phase
- Infinitely variable current control
- Three (3) Year Parts and Labor Warranty

UnitOutput*TerminalsRated Load
M-2040 4000 Amps AC/HWDC Bus Bar 30' of 4/0 cable
M-2060 6000 Amps AC/HWDC Bus Bar 30' of DOUBLE 4/0 Cable
for long cable output
3000 Amps AC/HWDC Bus Bar 90' of 4/0 Cable

Output rating is based on Load Specified
Note: M-2030 for long cable output is designed for applications in which the power source cannot be close to the inspection piece. This unit designed to work with long cable lengths necessary for inspecting large parts (i.e. power generator parts).

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