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The Structurix MIXER is a fully independent unit that relieves you of mixing chemicals. To use the Structurix MIXER, simply place the bottles on top of the MIXER. The rest occurs automatically to save you time.

Compact and solid
The compact design of the Structurix MIXER means it requires very little space. The materials used in construction of the mixer have been chosen for greater strength and enhanced resistance to chemicals.

Reliable and user-friendly
With the Structurix MIXER, you can count on your chemistry being mixed in a consistent manner, time after time.

The MIXER provides both an audible and visible signal when the next chemicals should be prepared. You never come in contact with the chemicals, thanks to the bottles of concentrate having a safety seal which is only pierced when the bottles are set in position on the mixing machine.

The Structurix MIXER has a handy pumping system for transferring the chemicals from the MIXER into the processor, for example, to refill the processor after maintenance.

The Structurix MIXER connects easily to your processor replenishment system in order to act as a replenishment tank.

Easy to clean
The templates are easy to clean with water. When the bottles of concentrate are emptied, two covers can be used to close the tanks.

In brief, the Structurix MIXER is a reliable and simple mixing unit that ensures optimal mixing of the developer and fixer solutions. It is a valuable acquisition for anyone seeking consistent, high-quality film processing results.

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