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  • Chemicals for processing industrial X-ray films

Chemicals for processing industrial X-ray films

The chemistry involved in the processing of radiographic film is a crucial part of the total cycle. Because the goal in processing is to control all factors that influence the intrinsic quality of the industrial X-ray film, the use of optimal chemicals is essential.

GE Inspection Technologies is the exclusive provider of the complete line of advanced, high-quality Structurix processing chemicals. Specially designed for industrial X-ray applications, Structurix chemicals are an integral part of our total system approach. They are compatible with Structurix film types and equipment to guarantee perfect development every time.

Suited for all processors
All types of processors can be combined with Structurix chemicals. Best results, however, are obtained with the dedicated films and processors as they are designed to work together.

Handy Packaging
Structurix chemicals come in shipping cartons made from 60 percent recycled cardboard. Where possible, the cartons are fitted with handles for easy tilting and transportation. The use of color is restricted and used only where the color is part of the product information. All boxes are color-coded with colored adhesive tape so that contents are easily identifiable. Red is used for boxes containing developer, blue for boxes containing fixer and brown for all other chemicals.

Uniform PE Material Use for Easier Recycling of Bottles
Structurix chemicals are supplied in translucent bottles made from 100 percent polyethylene (PE). Labels on the bottles are made of polyethylene material and have a white background to make the printed text easier to read. To ensure each bottle is easily PE-recyclable, the colored components are only the screw cap and a stripe in the label for identification purposes (red for developer, blue for fixer and natural for other chemicals).

Safety seal for easy automatic mixing
All bottles feature a safety seal. This seal occurs during production. It is welded to the bottle by induction heating to form a perfectly airtight closure. When you remove the screw cap, a skin of polyethylene remains on the neck of the bottle. The skin allows the bottle to be placed upside down on a MIXER. This feature is also one of our many environmentally safe practices.

Guaranteed quantity
Structurix chemicals are marked with an “e” sign on the front label after the quantity indication. This ‘’e” marking guarantees that Structurix chemicals are delivered with the correct, authorized quantity limits according to EU legislation.

Manual Processing Chemicals

Structurix G 128 Developer

G 128 is a single part, liquid developer for manual processing of industrial X-ray films. Its main advantages include:

  • Excellent stability during storage as concentrate
  • Robust performance in high temperature and high humidity conditions
  • Resistance to oxidation in normal use
  • Excellent speed
  • Exceptional contrast characteristics

The G128 manual developer is available in boxes containing four sets of 5 litre bottles of concentrate. Each 4 x 5 litres box will make four sets of 25 litres of ready-for-use solution.

The recommended replenishment rate depends on the manual processing system used:

  • 600 ml/m2 or 90 ml/film of 35 x 43 cm is the average rate to preserve good processing condition (reference: Structurix D7 film with an average density of 2.50) The standard developing temperature is 20°C for five minutes developing time.
  • 400 ml/m2 with channel type hangers
  • 300 ml/m2 with clip type hangers

To obtain best results, the G128 developer should be used in conjunction with the Structurix G328 fixer.

Structurix G 328 Fixer

G328 fixer is a single part, liquid fixer for manual processing of industrial X-ray films. The G 328 fixer contains no hardening agent.

It is available in shipping cartons containing four sets of 5 litres concentrate for four sets of 25 litres ready-for-use bath. The recommended replenishment rate is independent of the used manual processing system and is applicable for both clip type hangers and channel type hangers:

  • 600 ml/m2 is the average rate or 90 ml/film of 35 x 43 cm
  • Keep the solution level constant and replace after 1.5 m2 film per litre original solution has been fixed

In the event an automatic dryer such as the DRYER unit is used, a hardening fixer, preferably G335 (part A & B) or ecoFIX (part A & B), is recommended. When using the Structurix G 328 fixer, we strongly advise you add a hardening agent to the G 328 fixer.

Automatic Processing Chemicals

The new Structurix Eco Chemicals are an important link in the total Structurix eco Film System. Thanks to the intelligent composition of the chemicals, ecoDEV and ecoFIX, it is possible to reduce chemistry consumption up to 60 percent, compared to the present reference levels while maintaining excellent sensitometric and physical characteristics. This significant reduction in chemistry consumption translates into cost savings, as the smaller volume of developer and fixer required leads to less waste volume and lower disposal costs. The eco chemicals, ecoDEV and ecoFIX, have the intrinsic qualities and benefits of standard Structurix chemicals and, therefore, provide excellent results in combination with any Structurix processor.

EcoDEV and ecoFIX have the same dilution as G135 and G335, allowing use of the current NDT MIXER without modification.

Structurix ecoDEV
The Structurix ecoDEV is a new two-part developer suitable for standard processing in the 8 minute cycle but specifically designed for super fast 5 minute processing.

EcoDEV is glutaraldehyde-free and boron-free, reducing its impact on the environment. This is especially true when processing is in the 5 minute cycle in combination with the NDT S eco processor. This combination has the lowest possible replenishment rate while delivering optimal developing capabilities.

EcoDEV is packed in a shipping carton containing two sets of part A (5 litres) and part B (0.5 liters) concentrate. One set is sufficient for preparing 20 litres of ready-to-use developer. Each carton contains four bottles.

The ecoDEV developer enables you to develop your films at a lower temperature in the standard 8 minute processing cycle, resulting in less evaporation of the chemicals.

Structurix ecoSTART
Structurix ecoSTART is a new one-part starter solution to be added to ecoDEV ready-for-use solution.

Whenever you replace the ecoDEV developer, we recommend use of ecoSTART starter solution to ensure film images with optimal sensitometric results right from the start.

EcoSTART is packed in a shipping carton containing 4 sets of 1 litre bottles.

Structurix ecoFIX
The Structurix ecoFIX is a new two-partfixer for universal use but specially designed for super fast processing, with the lowest possible replenishment rates while rendering improved archiving results.

EcoFIX is boron-free. Due to the lower level of aluminum sulfate, the risk of precipitation is reduced drastically, ensuring good film quality and consistent repeatability.

EcoFIX is packed in a shipping carton containing two sets of part A (5 litres bottle) and part B (1.25 litre bottle) concentrate. One set of part A & B is sufficient for preparing 20 liters of ready-for-use fixer.

Structurix ecoFIX can be used for manual processing. For manual usage, one set of concentrate is enough to prepare 25 litres of ready-for-use solution.

Cleaning Products

Two innovative products help assure the intrinsic quality of the film processing. They are DEVCLEAN and FIXCLEAN, components of a universal cleaning solution for a clean processing system.

The use of DEVCLEAN and FIXLCEAN will:

  • extend the useful life of the Structurix developer and fixer solutions
  • improve the developer system performance and reliability
  • ensure consistent, high quality images
  • reduce costs by extending your maintenance interval
  • is a one-step maintenance that needs no neutralizing
  • rinses away easily and quickly
  • speed and efficiency
  • dissolves lime
  • cleans all sediment and deposits

Structurix DEVCLEAN

DEVCLEAN is a highly efficient, two-part maintenance product for the thorough cleaning of the developing area of both processors and tanks along with the accessories used for manual development. Silver deposits and sludge on all parts dissolve effortlessly, completely and rapidly.

DEVCLEAN is offered as a one processor service set. Each box contains one set of 5 litres part A and 5 litres part B to be diluted to 30 litres ready-for-use cleaning solution.

Structurix FIXCLEAN

FIXCLEAN is a one-part, liquid cleaning product for regular maintenance of fixer, intermediate rinsing and wash water areas of processors. It can also be used to clean fixer tanks of chemical mixers such as the NDT MIXER, as well as manual film processing systems.

The FIXCLEAN cleaning compound is based on sodium hydroxide. It is highly efficient and contains no chlorine based substances. FIXCLEAN advantages include:

FIXCLEAN is conveniently delivered in a quantity appropriate for one processor service. Each box contains one cleaning set or one 5 litre bottle of concentrate to be diluted to 50 litres of ready-for-use solution. Most fixer and wash water areas can be cleaned with one set of FIXCLEAN.


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