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  • Flaw Detector USM 100

Flaw Detector USM 100

Sleek but rugged, the Krautkrämer USM 100 is a portable, highly versatile flaw detector with smartphone-like capabilities.
Designed ergonomically for unrivaled ease of use, it features a large touch screen and buttons that allow seamless ambidextrous operation. Digital features include a best-in-class user interface that streamlines setup, training time and updates.  

It’s the only flaw detector on the market built for  an interconnected world, offering the luxury of greater efficiency through remote access, data management and storage.

Light and ergonomic, the Krautkrämer USM 100 puts your well-being first. It’s also robust,  versatile, and built to reliably withstand the toughest conditions (drop/vibration tested with an IP 67 rating). The glove-compatible 7” LCD touch screen — viewable under any lighting conditions — means no more strained eyes.  
And left- or right-hand operation ensures comfortable handling for any operator in any    circumstance. All of this improves ease of use and operator confidence, which ultimately improves inspection reliability and  lets operators comfortably complete more  inspections.


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