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  • Paramedic First Aid Pouch ONIKO (Multicam Arid)

Paramedic First Aid Pouch ONIKO (Multicam Arid)

Article: Bag-007                                                                                                                                  Price: 1 590 UAH

ONIKO pouch for first aid kit is designed for storage and transportation of a set of medicines, medical instruments, dressing material and other medical products, which are used by qualified specialists when providing emergency aid in military field conditions. The ergonomic design of the first aid kit includes a wide range of first aid supplies, convenience and speed of access to medicines, ensuring the integrity of their contents and mobility. The pouch for first aid kit is attached to a special base using a textile fastener (hook-and-loop fastener) and a strap with a lobster clasp (fastex closure). This attachment allows you to quickly remove the first aid kit if necessary. In turn, the base has the versatile MOLLE attachment, which allows you to attach it to any tactical equipment (plate carrier, tactical vest, tactical belt, etc.). On the outside, the pouch for first aid kit has one large pocket and a convenient handle of a belt band for carrying. The first-aid kit is divided into two parts inside. In the first part, the first-aid kit is equipped with a translucent pocket made of textile grid and attachment with an elastic band (rubber band). In the second part of the first-aid kit, there is a large "organizer" with attachment system using an elastic band (rubber band). The organizer is attached inside the pouch with the help of a textile fastener (hook-and-loop fastener), which allows you to quickly detach the organizer from the main part of the pouch if necessary; for this you just need to pull the special handle made of a belt band attached to the organizer. The organizer can also be opened without disconnecting from the main part of the pouch. This pouch is made of high-quality, wear-resistant materials that are not afraid of harsh operating conditions. The upper layer of the pouch is made of strong, wear-resistant tissue Cordura 500d, and the inner lining is made of soft rubbered tissue that protects the contents from moisture.


  • Upper layer: Tissue Cordura 500d;
  • Tissue coating: Two-layer polyurethane and water-repellent coating;
  • Lining: Rubbered tissue;
  • Type of construction: Completely closed;
  • Type of fastener: Fastex closure, Zip fastener, Hook-and-loop fastener;
  • Type of attachment: MOLLE;
  • Size: 20×15×6 cm (H×W×D);
  • Weight: 340 g;
  • Camouflage pattern: Multicam Arid ;

Optionally, you can order equipment in one of the offered camouflage pattern options:

Multicam Classic

Multicam Classic

Pixel green 

Pixel green 




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