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  • Tourniquet Pouch ONIKO open type (Multicam Arid)

Tourniquet Pouch ONIKO open type (Multicam Arid)

Article: Bag-010                                                                                                                                    Price: 360 UAH 

ONIKO pouch for a tourniquet is intended for the storage of a medical hemostatic tourniquet in military field conditions. Manufactured according to the recommendations of specialists in tactical medicine. Thanks to the special design of the “open pocket”, the tourniquet can be retrieved in a matter of seconds without visual support/feeling and can be applied very quickly, without wasting precious time in critical situations. Due to the elastic band (rubber band), the tourniquet is reliably held inside the pouch and remains intact. The pouch is compatible with all types of tactical equipment thanks to the versatile MOLLE attachment, which allows you to attach the pouch to the plate carrier, vest and waist belt. The pouch is made of strong, wear-resistant tissue Cordura 500d. There is a drainage hole in the lower part of the pouch.


  • Tissue Cordura 500d;
  • Tissue coating: Two-layer polyurethane and water-repellent coating;
  • Type of construction: Open type;
  • Type of fastener: Elastic band;
  • Type of attachment: MOLLE;
  • Size: 14×8×4 cm (H×W×D);
  • Weight: 45 g;
  • Camouflage pattern: Multicam;

The photo below shows a Pouch with Stop bleeding tourniquet ONIKO and Pouch for tourniquet ONIKO in black


Optionally, you can order equipment in one of the offered camouflage pattern options:

Multicam Classic

Multicam Classic

Pixel green 

Pixel green 



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