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  • Negatoskopes ONIKO for mammography

Negatoskopes ONIKO for mammography

Negatoskopes for mammography with the smooth adjustment of brightness: NMV-13

The light field of negatoskope of 96x30 cm enables to examine X-ray films: 4 films of 18x24 cm, or 4 films of 24x30 cm, or also dry imaging films: 4 films of 8x10" or 4 films of 10x12".

Overall dimensions: L x W x H - 1350 x 214 x 400 mm.

Brightness in the field center, cd/m2 – 5500 ± 10%, brightness adjustment, smooth from 10% to 100%.

Negatoscopes are switched on net 220 V, 50 Hz.

Power, VA, not more than 160


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