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  • Non-actinic lamp ONIKO

Non-actinic lamp ONIKO

The non-actinic lamp ONIKO is intended for lighting work places when processing X-ray films at X-ray sections of laboratories, hospitals.

Uniqueness of the lamp lies in that the light produced by it makes it possible to work with films of any sensitivity.

At work with photo materials, the minimal distance to the lamp is not limited.

The lamp longevity is determined with light filters absence, exposed to quick ageing.

The non-actinic lamp ONIKO corresponds to technical conditions and is recognized disposable for service.

Insignificant electric energy demand allows to cover costs rapidly.

Work order
To insert plug of power cord in plug socket with ground wire.
To switch off illumination.
To begin treatment of X-ray film.

On completion of work to switch off the lamp, taking out a plug of a plug socket.

Technical treatment
Once a week to clean the lamp with dry rag.
Once a month to check integrity of plug and power cord.

Storage rules
It is necessary to keep a lamp in the heated and ventilated room at the temperature of surrounding air of 5-40°C and relative humidity 80% at 25°C.


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