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  • SPOTCHECK SK3-S KT Portable Kit
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SPOTCHECK Portable Kit

- SPOTCHECK visible penetrant kits quickly locate surface cracks.
- Easy to transport for field inspections.
- No UV light required because of vivid red color.
- Includes SKL-SP1 penetrant, SKC-S cleaner and SKD-S2 Developer.

SPOTCHECK Portable Kit includes

  • 2 cans of SKL-SP1;
  • 3 cans of SKC-S;
  • 3 cans of SKD-S2;
  • Heavy Duty Wiping Cloth, Paint Marker, Scrubs™ Hand Towels, Portable Plastic Case and Instructions.

How to use

Preclean inspection area. Spray on Cleaner/Remover. Wipe off with cloth. Apply Penetrant. Allow short penetration period. Spray Cleaner/Remover on wiping towel and wipe surface clean. Spray on thin, uniform film of Developer. Inspect. Defects will show as bright red lines in white developer background.

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