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  • ZYGLO ZA-43 Portable Kits
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ZYGLO ZA-43 Portable Kits

A lightweight, portable kit for mobile, remote or low frequency fluorescent crack inspection. This popluar kit is stocked complete with an instructional guide.

Used for portable inspection application requiring florescent penetrant inspection.

Kit ZA-43 Zyglo Includes

  1. ZB-100F Fan-Cooled Black Light
  2. 2 cans of SKC-S Cleaner
  3. 1 can of ZL-60C WW Fluorescent Penetrant
  4. 1 can of ZP-9F Developer
  5. 1 container of ZP-4B dry developer
  6. Wire brush
  7. 2 Wiping Cloths
  8. Instructions
  9. Portable Plastic Case

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