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  • MAGNAGLO WCP-2 White Contrast Paint

MAGNAGLO WCP-2 White Contrast Paint

WCP-2 is a ready to use, rapid drying white contrast paint used to provide a white background to enhance visible magnetic particle indications.

WCP-2 is specially formulated to produce a thin dry film giving a high opacity semi-matt finish. It is low in sulphur and halogens and contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons.


WCP-2 consists of inert inorganic pigments and acrylic binder in a solvent blend based on acetone.

Typical properties

Flashpoint: -18°C
Temperature Range: 5-50°C
Solids content: 20 %
Boiling point: 56°C
BS 5044 Classification: Class A Fast Dry

Method of Use

Components should be cleaned prior to testing to provide a suitable test surface.
WCP-2 can be applied by spraying dipping or brushing.
Shake WCP-2 to ensure uniform distribution of particles. Apply a uniform thin film of WCP-2 to the test surface and allow to dry.
Apply magnetic particles to the test surface. Observe indications formed around leakage fields. If base material has a high retentivity, indications will remain visible. If base material has a low retentivity, the indications will appear to slowly fade.

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