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  • 1 Grey, 3A Black, 8A Red Dry Magnetic Particles

1 Grey, 3A Black, 8A Red Dry Magnetic Particles

1 Grey, 3A Black and 8A Red MAGNAFLUX powders are ready to use, free flowing general purpose, dry method, colour contrast magnetic powders. These powders are used to locate surface and slightly subsurface discontinuities in ferrous structures.

1 Grey is a grey or off-white colour powder, which produces sharp colour contrast indications on dark backgrounds.

3A Black is a "dustless" blue-black powder ideally suited to produce clear sharp indications on shot peened or sandblasted surfaces with light backgrounds.

8A Red is a dark red coloured iron powder which provides a strong contrast on most surfaces and coloured backgrounds.

The dry magnetic powders are composed of selected magnetic powders and pigments.

Typical applications include welds, large forgings and castings, and where rough surfaces are encountered

Typical properties

Property1 Grey3A Black8A Red
Particle Size (Mean) 180 microns 180 microns 180 microns
Colour Light Grey Blue / Black Dark Red
Physical Form Free flowing powder Free flowing powder Free flowing powder
SAE Sensitivity 7 7 7
Upper Temperature Limit * 390°C 315°C 315°C

* Temperature limits are not intended to imply that the material will not form magnetic particle indications above the specified temperatures. However, particles at elevated temperatures for a period of time may be altered in colour, sintered together or emit smoke. Particles heated to 480°C or passed through a flame will smoulder or spark.

Method of Use
Our dry method, non-fluorescent magnetic particles may be dispensed by the Powder Spray Bulb, a plastic squeeze bottle, or a powder blower.
The powders must be applied while the magnetising current is on. If there is considerable background build-up, the excess material can be gently blown off while the current is flowing. Should the material being tested have a high retentivity, surface discontinuities can be detected after the current shot.

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