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  • Agfa CR 15-X Digitizer
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Agfa CR 15-X Digitizer

Agfa CR 15-X Digitizer

Highly versatile and compact computed radiography solution offering high speed and high image quality by the convenience of being able to combine standard phosphor plates and cesium needle-based detectors on a tabletop CR.

The tabletop CR 15-X digitizer is based on proven Agfa technology, with a modular yet robust design combining affordability with high image quality, adjustable speed and a user-tuned workflow.

Versatile, this computed radiography (CR) digitizer can handle a broad range of digital radiography applications.

The total cost of ownership remains low, thanks to its ease of installation, maintenance and use, making it an affordable way to move from analog to digital. With the CR 15-X, decentralised hospital environments, clinics and private practices can take advantage of the convenient and fast workflow offered by digital radiography.

Balancing speed and resolution

With the CR 15-X, the user can choose to adjust speed and resolution depending on the needs of the exam. The user can easily overwrite the default settings for each exam, depending on the specific speed/quality priorities, study by study. Agfa intelligent MUSICA image processing automatically optimizes image quality.

Up to 60% Dose Reduction

By supporting both standard phosphor plates and needle-based detectors, CR 15-X unites complete convenience with top image quality, while leveraging the radiography department’s existing investments. With standard phosphor plates, CR 15-X delivers excellent image quality. When used with cesium needle-based detectors, however, the CR 15-X provides superb image quality and offers substantial dose reduction of up to 60%.

Robust yet easy to install and maintain

Installing the CR 15-X is fast and easy. With its ‘one screwdriver’ concept and modular, component-based design, maintenance is faster, easier and more cost-effective, as well. Consequently, set up costs are lower and installation simpler. Horizontal cassette insertion prevents dust and dirt from being introduced during normal operation.

Fits in small spaces and is suited for mobile applications

With its table-top size, the CR 15-X digitizer can be placed easily at any location, no matter how small, and was designed with ease of use in mind.

The CR 15-X can also be fitted into cars, vans, trucks and other mobile facilities, for mobile applications. Due to the low power consumption, connection to battery can be easily realized.

Networking capabilities deliver seamless integration

The CR 15-X is fully DICOM-compliant, to easily integrate with other solution elements; we recommend combining it with Agfa SE software suite for a complete softcopy solution, or with the DRYSTAR 5302 imager for a hardcopy solution.



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