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  • Agfa CR 30-Xm Digitizer
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Agfa CR 30-Xm Digitizer

Affordable and versatile tabletop digitizer offering the high quality needed for digital mammography, as well as for a broad range of applications.

‘Complete solution’ for digital mammography and all general radiography applications.

The CR 30-Xm is a versatile computed radiography (CR) digitizer that can handle digital mammography, as well as all general radiography, orthopaedic, chiropractic, Full Leg/Full Spine and dental applications. The total cost of ownership remains low, making it an affordable way to move from analog to digital. It offers an ideal solution for any hospital or private practice that wants a single, digital solution for carrying out the maximum number of types of studies.

No compromises in image quality

The CR 30-Xm makes no compromises in image quality, for mammography or other applications. It reads conventional CR mammography imaging plates at 20 pixels/mm (50 μm pixel pitch). Imaging plates for general radiology applications are read at the high resolution of 10 pixels/mm (100 μm pixel pitch). MUSICA2 intelligent image processing software automatically optimizes the final image quality without the need for human intervention.

AGFA CR 30-Xm Digitizer

Fits in small spaces and is suited for mobile applications

With its table-top size, the CR 30-Xm digitizer can be placed easily at any location. It works with dedicated cassettes and is designed with ease of use in mind, for optimal handling, comfort and maintenance. When combined with a universal X-ray shield, the CR 30-Xm can be used inside the X-ray room. It also integrates into vans, trucks and other mobile facilities, for mobile applications such as mobile breast screening initiatives.

Easy to install and maintain

Installing the CR 30-Xm can be done in a single day. Special LED technology in the erasure unit means no additional electricity is required, just standard electrical outlets. Consequently, set up costs are lower and installation simpler. And with the modular, component-based design, maintenance is faster, easier and more cost-effective, as well.

AGFA CR 30-Xm Digitizer

Convenient and fast workflow

The CR 30-Xm works in conjunction with NX, Agfa image identification and quality control tool, for a highly efficient and optimized radiology workflow. It is fully DICOM compliant, making integrating the digitizer with other solution elements quick and easy. The heavy-duty CR 30-Xm reads imaging plates at a rate of 60 full size (35 x 43 cm) plates per hour.




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