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  • X-ray films drying device ONIKO USP-1
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X-ray films drying device ONIKO USP-1

The X-ray films drying device USP-1 ONIKO (further as device) is intended for drying of X-ray sheet radiographic films of the all types and dimensions according to process cycle of films drying with preheated air.

The device is intended to be used in the X-ray rooms of the medical and preventive treatment facilities meeting sanitary code and requirements of the air temperature rate with usage of positive-pressure ventilation and if necessary conditioning in the summer monthes.

The device is for use in environmental temperature of + 15°С to +28°С and relative humidity of no more than 75%.

Technical specification

- The maximum dimension of the film under the process is 35 x 45 cm
- The device consists of 2 reservoirs
- The overall dimensions of the device no more than: length 550 mm, width 480 mm, height 970 mm.
- The maximum temperature rate of the air flow in the drying chamber with a turned on heater is within 50°С.
- The quantity of the simultaneously placed frames having X-ray films: 10 pieces in the every reservoir.
- The inner dimensions of the drying reservoir: 420 х 200 х 520 mm.
- Air flow of the drying is forced heating.
- Power supply - AC single-phase 220 V, Frequency 50 Hz, earthing.
- Power consumption is no more than 0,25 kilowatt.
- Protection class - 1.
- Protection level - 4.
- Weight is no more than 17 kg.
- The average lifetime is 3 years.

Structure and operating principles
The block of the X-ray films drying is made of chemically resistant PVC. The operation temperature range is + 5°С to 60°С.

The block is divided with partition in compartments. There are water drain hoses at the bathes bottoms.

The drying blocks waste hoses must have easy drain to the sewerage system.

There are the following control devices on the front panel:
- automatic circuit breaker;
- tank ventilation key;
- air heating key.

Keys illumination appears after its disconnection.

During drying key is turning on the air temperature is not more than 50°С.


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