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  • DRYSTAR DT1B. The film for Drystar printers

DRYSTAR DT1B. The film for Drystar printers

DRYSTAR DT 1 offers high contrast and high density, giving you the best quality hardcopies with the DRYSTAR 2000, DRYSTAR 3000 or DRYSTAR 4500(M) imager. Furthermore, it's based on ecologically friendly, award winning technology, so it's clearly an excellent choice for the future.

DRYSTAR DT 1 is a Direct Digital grayscale medium for high quality hardcopies.

An advanced design for superior quality
Agfa's state-of-the-art Direct Digital dry imaging technology produces grayscale hardcopies with high Dmax and contrast. It gives the same clear, high-quality results as wet laser film, but offers all the advantages of dry technology: no wet processing, no darkroom and no chemicals. Top quality images are generated cleanly and troublefree.

Innovative technology for ecological and easy use
With Direct Digital dry imaging technology, easy and convenient use is guaranteed. The heat-sensitive characteristics of DRYSTAR DT 1 make daylight loading effortless. DRYSTAR needs to no wet processing or darkroom, eliminating the need for cleaning products, time-consuming adjustments and chemical disposal. Image processing is more efficient and cost-effective. The DRYSTAR DT 1 packaging is fully recyclable and, combined with the elimination of processing chemicals, provides a more environmentally friendly solution.

Consistently clear and sharp images
DRYSTAR DT 1 has been designed to ensure clear and sharp images all the time. It has a 175 µm thick PET base, and is coated with silver salts and a protective top layer, making it resistant to both scratches and moisture. The PET base with rounded corners allows it to be handled like regular X-ray film. The silver-based imaging layer, which is not sensitive to light but only to very high temperatures, guarantees low fog and high contrast, combined with excellent image stability.


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