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  • Magmeter Model GM04

Magmeter Model GM04


The Magnaflux microprocessor controlled Magmeter offers sophisticated use, measuring functions in simple to use, menu driven, hand-held package.
The Magnaflux GM04 Microprocessor Controlled Hand Held Magmeter represents a significant improvement in functions, features and performance in todays market. The GM04 incorporates an Analogue Peak Detector for the DC and AC peak functions. This, coupled with the Microprocessor operation of the GM04 means that fast response is possible with digital stability (fast pulses / no drop in readings).

- DC : DC magnetic field measurement
- DC PEAK : Maximum positive peak reading of the DC field
- AC RMS : True Root Mean Square (RMS)
- AC RMS. MAX : Maximum true RMS
- AC PEAK : Maximum positive peak value

The GM04 can measure Magnetic Flux Density or Magnetic Field Strength. The menu system enables the Operator to easily choose between Tesla, Amps/m (SI units), Gauss and Oersted (cgs units).

The GM04 can HOLD measured values by pressing the Hall Probe button. Pressing the button again releases HOLD (when Enabled). The GM04 can also STORE measured values. These values can later be RECALLED.

If the Operator wishes to change ranges, the GM04 has a button dedicated to this function. No use of menu is required.

The GM04 has a number of UTILITIES options allowing the Operator to disable or select various times for the automatic POWER DOWN. Also nulling routines can be selected. The GM04 also has the facility to operate its menu structure in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

The GM04 is Calibrated to Standards Traceable to the National Physical Laboratories. During manufacture, the accuracy of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is used to determine the irregularities and non-conformities of the GM04 and its Hall Probe. This is stored and used mathematically to automatically correct readings taken by the GM04.

The GM04 is ideal for inspection and measurement of magnetic flux density of magnets and magnet assemblies in both goods inwards and quality assurance environments. Applications include: Non-Destructive Testing (Magnetic), Computer Disk Drive Actuators, Loudspeaker Air Gaps, Electric Motor Air Gaps (including Pancake and Permanent Magnets), Transformer Stray Field Measurements, Magnetiser and Demagnetiser Field Measurements, Bending Magnets, Goods Inward and Quality Assurance Inspection, etc.

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