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  • Developing machine AGFA NDT M eco

Developing machine AGFA NDT M eco

The Structurix M ECO is the most compact processor of the Structurix ECO Film Systems, suited to applications that demand the highest image quality while being ecologically responsible. The secret lies in the double fi xing tank, the cascade fi xing system - a unique concept in the tabletop processors range.

The ease of use and the problemfree maintenance make the Structurix M ECO an extremely user-friendly and reliable processor. It has been designed for consumers of small and medium quantity of film.

ECOlogical Design

  • Revolutionary cascade fixing system which reduces the amount of silver in the waste water by a factor of 5 to 10.
  • Reduction of fixer replenishment if the Structurix ecoFix is used.
  • Economical water and electricity consumption.
  • Infrared drying reducing the amount of heat produced in the darkroom to a minimum.
  • Optimal replenishment system as a result of film surface scanning.
  • Intermediate washing which ensures that there is hardly any carry-over of developer, keeping the fixer bath in optimum condition. This system also prevents development faults occuring on the film.
  • Design for Recycling Extra attention has been given to the selection of the materials in order to improve the recyclability. Materials or components which can disrupt the recycling process are easy removable. A Recycling-Passport (RP) and Equipment Information Sheet (EIS) are available.

Exact Replenishment
The surface area of the film is measured accurately on entry by 5 detector rollers. This unique film area scanning ensures a precise economic, ecologic replenishment operation and reduced replenishment rates.

Minimal Running Costs
The accurate replenishment, as described above, implies low chemical consumption. In addition, during film processing only an ecologically justifi ed volume of water is used and the consumption of electricity is particularly low due to the infrared drying system.

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