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  • Developing machine AGFA NDT S eco

Developing machine AGFA NDT S eco

In addition to the unique advantages of the ‘eco ’ processing technology, the Structurix S eco guarantees several other features. These include a large capacity, superior image quality, precise replenishment and minimum processing costs.

Large capacity
Structurix S eco can be set to either a 5 or an 8 minute cycle. In both cases, the throughput of the S eco is sufficient to meet the needs of large film users or companies with high production peaks. When set to the 5 minute cycle, the Structurix S eco processes no less than 51 cm of film per minute or 78 films per hour of 35 x 43 cm. In this 5 minute cycle, the processor forms the basis for the “Eco Film System”. In such a system, the Structurix film, chemistry and processor are all carefully matched to ensure the best possible eco logical results in terms of silver in the wash water while ensuring the lowest chemistry consumption and waste.

Superior image quality
Structurix S eco is perfectly suited to applications that demand the highest image quality. The technology in terms of rack construction and roller configurations has proved its worth in previous processors. A microprocessor provides “smart” control of all process functions. This results in perfect, even drying of your films in all ambient conditions.

Precise replenishment
The surface area of the film is measured accurately on entry by 11 detection rollers. This unique method of scanning actually controls the replenishment far more precisely than a length only measurement, thus keeping replenishment usage to an efficient minimum.

Anti-crystallization cycle
The Structurix S eco has a “drive cycle” or “anti-crystallization’ cycle, which in stand-by mode activates the roller transport mechanism sporadically for short periods of time. This cycle keeps the energy consumption to an absolute minimum, while avoiding crystallization of chemicals on the rollers and, therefore, increases the life of the processor considerably.

Processing cycles
The microprocessor has seven pre-programmed processing cycles, varying between 1.5 to 12 minutes. These standard cycles can be set quickly and easily. Simply select the required cycle time on the display, and the other processing parameters such as development temperature, dryer level, fixing temperature and replenishment rates adjust automatically.

Customized processing
This feature allows you to manually adjust the processing speed from five to 12.5 minutes in steps of 30 seconds. Processing parameters can be locked and protected by a special password.

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