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  • Developing machine AGFA NDT NOVA

Developing machine AGFA NDT NOVA

The Structurix Nova is a processor designed and built specifically for the industrial NDT testing environment. It is smart, robust, economical and automatic, and fills the gap in the market for a compact processor that can perform rugged NDT testing,while providing the quality of Structurix Film Systems and the features that users need.

Compact and portable
The Nova is a tabletop processor that takes up just 0.40 m2 of space and has been designed to be extremely light and transportable. Its stainless steel, aluminium and PVC construction minimise weight (80 kg for the basic model) and maximise corrosion resistance.

Versatile and economical
No matter what your field, the Nova provides the ideal solution. For inspection companies which conduct on-site testing with multiple teams, the Nova ’s compact size and light weight make it the natural choice. It offers manufacturing or testing labs a way to automate their manual processing at an affordable price. It also offers an excellent solution to companies which process 10 to 50 films per day. Finally, for companies who need the flexibility of a back-up processor which can complement their digital solutions, the Nova is an ideal choice. The intelligent power management system ensures low power consumption (a maximum of 1,700 watts) and therefore significant cost savings over the processor’s lifetime.

Adaptable and easy to use
The Nova comes in one standard model with state-of-the-art electronics, and the worldwide ‘plug and play’ feature allows you to adapt it to any conventional outlet which accommodates any standard global voltage. The Nova has an automatic stop/start function. Film detection with five scanning rollers means that replenishment can be carried out economically and intelligently depending on the amount of film scanned. The control display gives the operator a visual reference of the processing parameters and an ‘OK’ light indicates when the next film can be inserted. The Nova has been tested with the full range of Structurix films and chemicals so you can be confident of the optimum results in all conditions. The standard light-tight cover allows the operator to perform other tasks while film is being fed into the Nova and also prevents dust particles from scratching the film.

Easy to service and upgrade
Lightweight aluminium side covers give easy access to the machine and the racks are easy to remove, clean and service. The circulating pumps are also easy to access and can be changed easily by the operator. Remote monitoring and diagnostics allow the service technician to connect the Nova to his PC directly or remotely and to transfer all data quickly and reliably.

The optional package of product add-ons, the Nova Comfort Kit, allows you to upgrade its performance quickly and easily. A water saving solenoid valve and replenishment pump permits the amount of wash water supplied to be linked to the surface area of the film entering the wash section. A water filter with cartridge filters particles out of the incoming water, thus guaranteeing excellent film quality. Two 30-litre replenishment tanks can be sited under the table, to save darkroom space.

The Structurix Nova offers you a unique combination of portability and performance.

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