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Covert VideoProbe

The Covert VideoProbe® inspection system was designed to assist the law enforcement and security communities in covert operations and surveillance applications. This system has an ultra-quiet operation mode and the ability to see in low-light environments.

A separate lamp on/off switch was added to make sure the user has complete control over lighting in sensitive and dangerous situations.

A special white balance function in the lamp off mode ensures color integrity of the image.

The Covert VideoProbe is available standard with a 6.1mm or 8.4mm insertion tube but can be modified in both length and insertion tube diameter to meet user requirements.

Products Features

- Two interchangeable probe diameters: 6.1mm (0.240 in) and 8.4mm (0.331 in)
- Lamp on/off switch for hard-wired control of lamp operation
- Low speed fan operation for ultra-quiet operation in lamp off covert mode
- Long exposure mode for brightly lit scenes in low light conditions
- Auto white balance in covert (lamp off) mode for true color rendition
- Interchangeable tip optics for a variety of inspection applications
- Complete portability with AC, DC or battery operation (XA207 PowerBar Battery)
- Portable shipping/operating case with wheels and a telescopic handle iVIEW™ image management
- Contains features of XL PRO or XL PRO Plus series VideoProbe
- Custom probes available


- SWAT Operations
- Covert Operations
- Border Patrol
- Drug Interdiction
- Law Enforcement

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