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  • iVIEW Remote PTZ

iVIEW Remote PTZ

Imagine being able to control all the digital inspection functions of the Ca-Zoom® PTZ-6.2 system with a click of your mouse. Now imagine manipulating and managing inspection functions from a local PC, or the other side of the world while viewing real-time video from your PC. iVIEW Remote allows you to do this with the support of a full on-screen Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Conduct and Record Inspections Anywhere Engineered with nuclear and other hazardous environments in mind, iVIEW Remote software offers a safe alternative to human entry into dangerous inspection areas. As another unique capability of the CA-ZOOM PTZ-6.2 system, remote operation means that you’re in control – from wherever you happen to be inspecting

- CA-ZOOM PTZ-6.2 iVIEW Remote software for Windows
- 3.0 m (10.0 ft) RS-232 cable - system accepts up to 15.0 m (50.0 ft)
- 3.6 m (12.0 ft) S-Video cable
- S-Video to USB adapter
- RS-232 to USB adapter

Key Features & Benefits

- Remote control of all the Ca-Zoom PTZ-6.2 digital and mechanical functions for added versatility, safety and convenience
- Snapshot capture in JPEG or BITMAP formats. Capture from either live or recorded video to your computer hard drive or removable media
- Capture or playback live video in either .avi or MPEG-4 formats and save onto your PC or other external storage media

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