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  • Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe Borescope
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Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe Borescope

Powerful, portable, fast, connected.

Mentor Visual iQ, the world’s most advanced video borescope, is packed with features to help you make better decisions about critical assets and improve inspection productivity.

- Easy to operate using either optically bonded multipoint touchscreen and on-screen keyboard, or ergonomic joystick and hard keys
- Color SUPER HAD™ CCD video camera with 5x digital zoom and a new ground-up image processing system
- View crisp images and increase probability of detection on a 6.5” (16.5 cm) active matrix XGA color LCD, daylight readable display
- Capture crystal clear live video and still images with Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) still image capture
- Advanced analysis using improved 3D Phase Measurement (6.1mm diameter probe) or stereo (6.1mm or 4mm diameter probes)
- Portable, lightweight, ergonomic design (6.75 pounds (3.0 KG) out of case)
- Rugged durability – designed to IP55, MIL STD 461F and MIL STD 810G standards
- Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 enabled
- Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) software in 14 languages digitally guides inspectors through the inspection process, intelligently names files and creates MS Word® and PDF compatible inspection reports
- Master advanced features faster and eliminate cumbersome paper manuals with on-device user manuals and context based help links
- 16 GB Internal SSD for user data storage
- Two USB 3.0 host ‘A’ ports, one USB 3.0 client micro ‘B’ port
- Powered by high-capacity interchangeable, rechargeable lithium ion batteries which are compliant with air travel regulations. With the charging circuit built into the batteries, no charging cradle is required
- Interchangeable high resolution 4.0mm and 6.1mm diameter probes available in multiple lengths to suit a variety of industries and applications
- Full tip optic interchangeability with secure double threads
- High intensity LED light source and advanced processing for improved image brightness
- Insertion tube markings for easy setup and reference
- Choose from a variety of customizable “Magic-arm” handset mounts in several sizes
- Your choice of ultraportable rolling carry-on case or roomier work station model configured to hold multiple probes and accessories

Technical Specifications - Handset


Operating Temperature
Tip -25°C to 100°C (-13°F to 212°F). Reduced articulation below 0°C (32°F)
System -20°C to 46°C (-4°F to 115°F). LCD may require warm-up period below 0°C (32°F)
Storage Temperature -25°C to 60°C (-13°F to 140°F)
Relative Humidity 95% max, non-condensing
Waterproof Waterproof Insertion tube and tip to 14.7 psi (1 bar, 10.2 m of H2O, 33.5 ft of H2O)
Hazardous Not rated for use in hazardous environments
Diameter Probe 4.0 mm (0.16”), 6.1 mm (0.24”)
Image Sensor 1/6” Color SUPER HAD™ CCD camera (6.1) 1/10” (4.0 mm)
Pixel Count 440,000 pixels
Housing Titanium
System Dimensions 17.1 x 33.8 x 87.1 cm (6.75 x 8 x 15”)
Case Dimensions (Standard) 48.8 x 38.6 x 18.5 cm (19.2 x 15.2 x 7.3”)
System Weight In small case with contents: 10.2 kg (22.4 lbs).
In large case with contents: 19.6 kg (43.2 lbs)
Out of Case: 6120 system - 3.0 kg (6.7 lbs). 6110 system - 4.0 kg (8.7 lbs)
Construction Magnesium and Polycarbonate housing with integrated elastomeric bumpers
LCD Monitor Integrated (6.5”) active matrix XGA color LCD, daylight readable display, with opticallybonded, multipoint capacitive Dragontrail™ touchscreen
Joystick Control 360° All-Way® tip articulation, menu access, and navigation
Button Set Access user functions, measurement, and digital functions
Audio Integrated 3.5mm headset / microphone jack or bluetooth headset
Internal Memory 16 GB SSD for user storage
Data I/O Ports Two USB 3.0 host ‘A’ ports, one USB 3.0 client micro ‘B’ port
Video Out DisplayPort
Brightness Control Auto and Variable
Illumination Type White LED
Long Exposure Auto - up to 16 seconds
White Balance Factory default or user defined
Lithium Ion Battery 10.8V (nominal), 73Wh, 6.8Ah
Power Supply
AC 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz,
DC 18V, 3.34A
Standards Compliance and Classifications
MIL-STD-810G United States Department of Defense Environment Tests Sections 506.5, 507.5, 510.5, 511.5, 514.6, 516.6, 521.3
MIL-STD-461F U.S. Department of Defense -- Electromagnetic Interference RS103 - ABOVE DECK
Standards Compliance Group 1, Class A: EN61326-1, UL, IEC, EN CSA-C22.2:61010-1, UN/DOT T1-T8
IP Rating IP55 (Disassembled)
Operating System Embedded multi-tasking operating system
User Interface Menu-driven and soft button operation; menu navigation using either touchscreen or joystick
File Manager Embedded file manager supports the following operation on files and folders: copy, cut, create, rename, delete, filter and sort. USB and internal flash storage
Audio Data PC Compatible ACC (.M4A file) format
Image Control Invert, Inverse+, Adaptive Noise Reduction, Distortion Correction, Illumination, Brightness, Long Exposure, Single View, Zoom (5x digital), Image Capture and Recall
Digital Zoom Continuous (5x)
Image Formats Bitmap (.BMP), JPEG (.JPG)
Video Format MPEG4 AVC/H.264 (.MP4 file)
Text Annotation Built-in full-screen text overlay generator
Graphic Annotation User placement of arrows
Articulation Control User-selectable steer vs. steer & stay articulation; tip “Home” return to neutral forward-tiporientation
Software Updates Field upgradeable via USB ThumbDrive®
Languages English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Hungarian, Finnish and Swedish
Application Software Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) software digitally guides inspectors through the inspection process, intelligently names files and creates MS Word® and PDF compatible inspection reports

Technical Specifications - Probes and Tips


Probe Measurements
Diameter Length
4.0 mm (0.15”) 2.0, 3.0 m (6.6, 9,8 ft.)
6.1 mm (0.24”) 2.0, 3.0, 4.5, 6.0, 10.0 m (6.6, 9.8, 14.8, 19.7, 32.8 ft.)
Tip Articulation
Insertion Tube Length Articulation
2 m - 4,5 m Up/Down 160° min, Left/Right 160° min
6 m – 10 m Up/Down 140° min, Left/Right 140° min
Note: Typical articulation exceeds minimum specifications.

Mentor Visual iQ 4.0mm tips


Part No.ColorFOV (deg)DOF mmDOF (in)
Forward View
T4080FF None 80 35-inf (1.38-inf)  
T40115FN Black 115 4-inf (0.16-inf)  
Side View
T40115SN Red 115 1-30 (0.04-1.18)  
T40120SF Blue 120 6-inf (0.24-inf)  
Stereo Measurement
TM405555FG Black 55/55-FWD 5-inf (0.20-inf)  
TM405555SG Blue 55/55-SIDE 4/inf (0.16-inf)  

Mentor Visual iQ 6.1mm tips


Part No.ColorFOV (deg)DOF mmDOF (in)
Forward View
T6150FF None 50 50-inf (2.36-inf)
XLG3T6150FG White 50 12-200 (0.47-7.87)
XLG3T61120FG Black 120 5-120 (0.20-4.72)
XLG3T6180FN Orange 80 3-10 (0.12-0.79)
XLG3T6190FF Yellow 90 20-inf (0.79-inf)
XLG3T6150FB Purple 50 (45 DOV) 12-80 (0.47-3.15)
T6165FF Orange&Blue 65 65-inf (2.56-inf)
Side View
XLG3T6150SF Brown 50 45-inf (1.77-inf)
XLG3T6150SG Green 50 9-160 (0.35-6.30)
XLG3T61120SG Blue 120 4-100 (0.16-3.94)
XLG3T6180SN Red 80 1-20 (0.04-0.79)
3D Phase Measurement
XL4TM61105FG (forward version) Black 105 8-250 (0.31-9.84)
XL4TM61105SG (side version) Blue 105 7-250 (0.27-9.84)
XL4TM61105FN-8651 Orange 105 3-120 (0.12-4.72)
Stereo Measurement
XLG3TM616060FG Black 60/60-FWD 4-80 (0.16-3.15)
XLG3TM615050SG Blue 50/50-SIDE 2-50 (0.8-1.97)


3D Measurement Handbook

Mentor Visual iQ UV VideoProbe Fluorescent Penetrant Testing with UV Light

Mentor Visual iQ* Borescope Adapter

User's Manual


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