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  • Rigid Borescopes 360-degree rotary scan

Rigid Borescopes 360-degree rotary scan

Rotary Scan borescopes, by GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, feature an optional integral zoom and allow 360° rotational viewing without moving the body of the scope. Rotary Scan rigid borescopes are available in 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm and 10 mm diameters and include a variety of directions and fields-of-views.

360° Rotary Scan

The insertion tube of the Rigid Borescope can be rotated, allowing the viewing field to be scanned 360˚ (with overlap from field-of-view) without moving the body of the borescope. A positive stop is built into the body to prevent overrotation of the lighting fibers.

Diameter and Length Options

Standard range Rigid Borescopes are available in diameters 4.0 mm (0.15 in.), 6.0 mm (0.24 in.), 8.0 mm (0.31 in.) and 10.0 mm (0.39 in.).
The standard range is available in working lengths from 100.0 mm (3.94 in.) to 905.0 mm (35.63 in.).
There are five choices of direction-of-view (DOV) and, on some diameters, three different fields-of view (FOV) can be specified.


Aerospace - Commercial, Military, OEM, MRO and Business Aviation
Power Generation - Nuclear, Fossil, Combustion Turbine, Combined-cycle, Hydro and Wind
Other - Manufacturing, Shipping

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