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  • XL Detect and XL Detect+ VideoProbes

XL Detect and XL Detect+ VideoProbes

Expect better inspections.

With the XL Detect and XL Detect+ VideoProbes, it’s all in the details. Improve accuracy and speed up workflow with crisp image quality, plus an upgraded 5” LCD screen on the XL Detect+. Lower your maintenance costs with rugged durability. And get expert support from Baker Hughes anywhere, anytime. All in a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use device. The high-end capabilities you need—without the high price.

Be confident in your results.

Complete fast, precise inspections with superior image quality, plus a 5” LCD screen and 3X brighter display on the XL Detect+.

Cut down on costs.

Lower your maintenance spending with durability you can trust, even in the harshest inspection environments.

Stay flexible.

At just 4.3 lbs., the device is lightweight and portable, featuring a rugged carrying case with integrated insertion tube storage reel.

Learn quickly.

The intuitive interface includes Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) 1.1, an application to guide users through inspections and organize results for simpler reporting

Experience true peace of mind.

Get readily available assistance from GE experts, wherever you are.

Now with a 5” LCD screen for clear-cut inspections.

The new XL Detect+ display is 85% larger, with crystal clear image quality unmatched in the industry. That means a simpler interface, less
eyestrain on long inspections, and more accurate images right on your device. Because when you can see clearly, you improve POD, speed up your workflow, and deliver results with confidence.

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