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  • Fixer G 354. The liquid fixer for manual treatment
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Fixer G 354. The liquid fixer for manual treatment

Fixer G 354 2.5 l is designed for automatic processing of medical X-ray films in developed machines, consisting of one component.

It is used for processing blue-sensitive and green-sensitive films for general radiology, as well as for processing specialty films.

Fixer G 354 is applied in 90 – 120 seconds. development cycles and temperatures of 32-35°C.

Environmentally friendly - The fixer is supplied in packaging made from 60% renewable cardboard. The fixer has a blue marking, and the content of dyes is reduced and aluminum salts are excluded. The containers are easily uncorked when the lid with a cutting bottom edge is turned with a slight force.

Technical data - The components are easily mixed during automatic processing.


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