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  • Developer G153 . Specially designed for low-volume automatic processors

Developer G153 . Specially designed for low-volume automatic processors


The right choice for low-volume automatic processing

G153 is a high-quality developer for low-volume automatic processors. It is used for conventional blue and green radiography and for laser imaging films. Within the Agfa product range, it is the developer intended for all standard (120-180 sec) processing cycles. It provides the best results when combined with G354 fixer and an Agfa Curix 60 or Agfa CP1000 processor.

Longer shelf life for reduced costs

The G153 developer has a special anti-oxidation formula that makes it the ideal developer for facilities with low volumes of processing. In high volume processing environments, developer is used up quickly enough to prevent oxidation. Facilities with limited processing, however, need a developer that is less sensitive to oxidation. Normal developer, which oxidizes after ashort period, often needs to be discarded before being used. Low processing volume facilities will benefit from G153 developer’s longer shelf life.

Ecologically improved packaging

The G153 developer comes in shipping cartons made of 60% recycled cardboard. It is packed in translucent polyethylene (PE) bottles fitted with PE ECO seals. The screw cap and the stripe at the top of the label are color-coded for identification purposes (red, transparent). However, the packaging uses as little color as possible, and there is no aluminum residue after use, making thebottles easily PE-recyclable.

Technical specification

Suitable for All tabletop processors such as Curix 60 and CP1000
Processing cycles All processing cycles from 120 to 180 seconds
Replenishment rate 600 ml/m2
Recommended fixer G354
Packaging One shipping carton G153 contains concentrate for 12 x 2.5 litr of developer
Conditions Make sure the processing room is well ventilated: air ventilation of 10 times the room volume per hour will prevent build-up of chemicals in the air


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