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  • speed|scan CT 64

speed|scan CT 64

High-Speed CT Scanner and Detector System

Automotive manufacturers must consistently produce high-quality parts and products while operating high-speed production lines. High resolution, high speed, full 3D inspection via in-line automation is required to ensure both safety and profitability. It is now available via speed|scan CT 64, an industrial CT scanner.

Built on innovative Waygate Technologies, formerly GE Inspection Technologies, gantry-based CT technology proven for over four decades, our speed|scan CT 64 provides revolutionary high-speed industrial process and production control. Combining unprecedented speed with high-quality inspection, speed|scan CT 64 is 4X faster than initial generations and several hundred times faster than conventional industrial fan-beam CT. Optionally equipped with a robot, the speed|scan CT 64 system offers unique process optimization and quality assurance possibilities for up to 100% fully automated inline CT scanning.


→ Maximum sample size ~600 mm diameter x 900 mm length (23.6” x 35.4”)
→ Maximum scan diameter ~500 mm (19.6”)
→ Maximum detail detectability is ≥ 300 μm.
→ Maximum sample weight is 50 kg / 110 lbs.
→ Powerful x-ray source, with highly sensitive multi line x-ray detector and single collimated photo diodes
→ Patented quick-slide manipulator for rapid sample throughput rate
→ Scan speeds of 15 seconds for a cylinder head; up to several hundred times faster 3D inspection over conventional industrial fan beam
→ Proven technology (several thousand installations) that meets stringent industry standards


speedscan ct 64


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