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phoenix v|tome|x m

Our powerful industrial computer tomography (CT) system, designed for 3D metrology and analysis, provides industry-leading magnification at 300 kV. It is the world’s first scanner with scatter|correct technology, to automatically remove scatter artifacts for higher image quality. With a variety of proprietary premium CT technologies, the phoenix v|tome|x m revolutionizes 3D CT metrology -- delivering faster scans and higher throughputs, without compromising image quality.

Key Solution Characteristics

  • Industry-leading detector performance

The phoenix v|tome|x m comes standard with our exclusive 4 MP dynamic 41|200 next generation photodiode design industrial X-ray detector. It provides 10x increased sensitivity relative to state of the art 200µm pixelsize DXR detectors producing a 2-3x cycle time increase without image quality impact, making inspections and measurements more efficient and productive.

As a premium option, the 100µm / 16 MP dynamic 41|100 detector provides 2x resolution increase without cycle time impact. Detection of 2x smaller defects without increase of geometric magnification allows imaging of large objects at higher resolutions.

  • Increased image quality

Advanced scatter|correct technology automatically removes scatter artifacts for artifact-free precision CT results on the quality level of fan beam CT scanned several hundred times faster with advanced cone beam CT

  • Unprecedented scan speed

Dynamic 41 digital detector technology means you get up to 2-3x faster CT scans or doubled resolution

  • Improved efficiency with higher throughputs

Our proprietary high-flux|target allows for higher power on a smaller focal spot, so you can cut scan time in half

  • Automated CT process

Boost CT performance with a fully automated, robot-based workflow and 3D analysis in real time.

  • Enhanced reliability with real results

Backed by our proprietary technology and durable hardware, you can maintain safe and reliable operations while remaining in compliance.

  • Optimized performance

By bringing inspection right onto the factory floor or into the lab, you can unite manufacturing with quality control for greater reliability

  • Maximum flexibility

Unique dual|tube configurations enhance the flexibility of high-power microCT, as well as the high-resolution nanoCT®.

  • Precision metrology

With ruby|plate and true|position technology, our 3D metrology has accuracy of 3.8+L/100 µm, referring to VDI 2630 guidelines.


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