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  • Real-Time X-Ray and CT Inspection System Seifert x|cube Compact

Real-Time X-Ray and CT Inspection System Seifert x|cube Compact

X-Cube Compact is already well known as a complete radiographic system contained within a small footprint. It offers a choice of proven X-ray sources, a source manipulation system and a component clamping table within a shielded chamber, an ergonomically designed control desk, an image intensifier to convert the X-rays into a standard video image and the integrated image enhancement system VISTAPLUS.

Fast Cycle Times

Very fast drives, which are taken from the robotic systems of Fanuc, mean that workpiece manipulation is faster and the opening and closing of door is faster.

X-Touch® technology in the touch control panel, again from Fanuc, simplifies and speeds up all control operations. Automatic digital image processing offers real time savings. Consequently, overall cycle times are much faster.

Fast Set-up Times

An absolute measuring system ensures that there is no need to reset to zero at the start up of the system. The measuring system is active from switch on. User inspection programs are also easier, and hence faster, to write.


Greater Manipulation Flexibility
The swivel arm can now be swivelled through a sweep of 90°.

Greater Resolution Flexibility
The X-Cube is available with either 320 kV, 225 kV or 160 kV X-ray tubes, as standard and there is a range of optional detectors. Consequently, resolution can be matched to suit particular user tasks.

Enhanced Image Quality and Image Sharing

Latest Image Enhancement System
The X-Cube combines the Vistalux image intensifier with the versatile Vistaplus image enhancement system. This allows real-time integration and real-time averaging of very high quality images.

Latest Image Interpretation Tools
Efficient analysis of inspection results is ensured by the latest integrated application tools, including display of reference images, calculation of defect areas and interactive image measurement.

Network Compatible
The image enhancing software is LAN-compatible and also allows images to be sent by e-mail, so that remote expert assessment or storage can be carried out. Inspection documentation can be produced at the workstation or at some connected location.


Intuitive user guidance with teach and learn capabilities make the new X-Cube extremely easy to operate. New inspection programs are also very easy to input and can be put in place in less than 30 seconds.

Low Operating Costs

Requiring a very small footprint and featuring plug-and-play installation, the X-Cube also needs very little maintenance, with its sealed-for-life gearboxes. It is totally electrically operated, with no pneumatics or hydraulics.

Safe Investment with CT Ability

The new optional upgrade package for combined 2D / 3D (computed tomography) operation will convert the X-Cube into a versatile testing machine that uses 3D Cone beam-CT for detailed x-ray inspection. The acquisition-, volume reconstruction and visualisation software runs on the integrated computer platform and provides a detaild resolution of about 0.1 mm depending on the sample size.




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